Preeti Sood


She did her Bachelors in Printmaking from Chandigarh College of Arts and pursued her Master at Santiniketan, Kala Bhavan and later did her second MA degree in printmaking at University of the Arts London. At present, she works in the printmaking department at the Arts University, Bournemouth. She has worked as an Artist Fellow at the University of Lincoln. She has done three solo shows internationally and has been selected for various printmaking shows in London, Delhi, Bangalore and Japan.

She has recently been accepted at the BITE- Contemporary Printmaking Show. Her work explores contemporary laser technology in conjunction with traditional printmaking processes. The starting point is the distressed ephemera of urban streets and the decay and recombination of these multi-layered images in seemingly random and unexpected ways. It is intriguing that these overlaid, worn images represent the plastic world in which we live – echoing a spent past within the living present. Posters can be like an autobiography of the wall to which they adhere. Her practice has evolved into an exploration of displacement experienced by individuals inhabiting cultures. The delicate tissue-like image that results from the process represents her own sense of being torn and displaced between cultures and the transformation that is evolving within and without.

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