Prof. (Dr) Kamlesh Misra

Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University

Today we live in a very complex world that has experienced an explosion in knowledge, but not in growth in understanding; a world in which people have lost trust in their leaders and faith in their institutions; it’s a world that has developed amazing technologies, but has isolated humans, leaving them with a feeling of life without purpose and or even the value of human endeavor.

Rishihood University is uniquely positioned to answer these questions and train students to live in such a world and to find better solutions to everyday problems. We as a university are committed to the discovery and transmission of knowledge in a setting of our cultural and sociological heritage as a Nation. We understand that in order to succeed, students need access to the necessary support services, skill development opportunities that will help them put their best foot forward. First and foremost, faculty members at Rishihood University work directly with students to help them succeed in their studies, through teaching and learning, mentorship, personal support, and supervision.

As a student, there is a lot you can explore at Rishihood University as you become part of our educational endeavors. You will discover that your faculty members will push you to achieve the best you can by helping you discover your true potential and interests. We also take pride in giving our students a truly global experience.

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