Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dean and Professor, Rashtram School of Public Leadership

“The success of New India requires leaders who can leverage the civilisational knowledge 

of Bharat to address the challenges facing humanity. Guided by Indic consciousness, 

as the new Dean, I pledge to build a rich interdisciplinary research and teaching 

space for nurturing leadership in anyone who comes in touch with Rishihood.”

                                                                     — Prof. Sanjeev Kumar

Before joining Rishihood as the Dean and Professor at Rashtram School of Public Leadership, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar was a faculty in the Department of Economics at Dartmouth College. He is also a faculty affiliate at Human Nature Lab, Yale University, where he has been working on the issues related to food insecurity and health (in Honduras) and how they influence the structure of social networks.

Before joining Dartmouth, Prof. Kumar taught Cost-Effectiveness Anaysis, Health Economics, and Genetics and Economics at the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Yale School of Public Health and the Department of Economics at Yale University.

Prof. Kumar worked with the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute while living in Rwanda and Ethiopia from 2014-2016. He helped the University of Rwanda develop professional and graduate programmes in Health Economics and Finance. Prof. Kumar has also worked as a consultant for various projects in Rwanda: a couple of the USAID-funded Health System Strengthening projects for Banyan Global and Management Science for Health (MSH).

Prof. Kumar was the consultant for the first set of randomised controlled trials conducted by the 2019 Nobel Prize Winners in Economics when he worked in collaboration with Seva Mandir (Udaipur). Prof. Kumar also did one of the first studies focussing on local institutional constraints in ensuring food security for the tribal population in Udaipur for CARE (India).

Prof. Kumar received his postdoctoral training in Health Economics and Health Policy from Yale, a PhD in Economics from Southern Methodist University, an MA (Economics) from Pennsylvania State University, and also from the Delhi School of Economics. Born and raised in the districts of East Champaran and Patna of the State of Bihar, India, he earned his Bachelor’s (Honours) in Economics from Ramjas College (Delhi University).

Prof. Kumar also indulges in creative writing and has worked on many short-shorties and plays. Lately, he has been working on a play on Sanskrit and its beauty. 

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