Riya Vardhan

Research Associate, Centre for Human Sciences

Riya Vardhan Saxena, a 23-year-old, plump, young woman with warm tan skin tone. Her native place is Kashipur, Uttarakhand. She has recently completed her masters in English Literature from the Central University of Gujarat. Learning new and vibrant things is her ever-lasting passion. She has completed DELF (Diplome d’etudes en langue Francaise), A1 level in the French Language, and also taught. Also, she has been interested in different volunteering programs and NGOs to enrich different arts and the welfare of society.

She worked along the management team of the Jaipur Literature Festival twice in the years 2022-2023, where she interviewed Sudha Murthy ji and Gaur Gopal Das ji. Taught English communication skills as a part of Spoken English Teach India, by the British council at Government ITI, Jaipur. Time being, she recently volunteered at Mahindra Excellence Theatre Awards, Delhi 2023, where she explored different theatre performances and also attended workshops on different aspects of theatre such as dialogue delivery, on movements and expressions, on sound design and music in theatre, also on ways of seeing theatre. She believes the phrase-“Work is worship”, and follows the path.

She firmly believed that in a world full of stress and innumerable pressures, there is an innate energy within people. And hence she engages herself in discourse on various aspects of spirituality, learning from Hindu epics and real-life memoirs. Her love for bhakti songs is within her as a spiritual being. She writes and recites poems and songs as a part of her personal interests.

She believes that analytical ability and foresight can only bring effectiveness and diligence in a task and follows it firmly. She has been an avid reader since childhood with a great interest in reading inspirational books. She tries different sports: volleyball, badminton, swimming, which she assumes is an essential credential to gear up. By weighing the pros and cons at the onset, she is looking forward to be a research scholar and an educator.

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