Shishant Chauhan

Manager - Academic Operations and OAA

Shishant Chauhan is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive academic background. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Hindu College and went on to pursue an MBA from Sharda University. After completing his post-graduation, he joined Amazon as an Associate where he monitored the customer satisfaction levels and handled customer relationship queries with great efficiency.

Following his stint at Amazon, Shishant joined Sharda University in the Academic Affairs department. He spent 5 years in this role and gained valuable experience in managing academic affairs. He has a strong background in higher education administration, with experience in student advising, and faculty support. Shishant’s dedication and commitment to his work have earned him a reliable and efficient professional reputation.

Overall, Shishant Chauhan is an accomplished individual with a strong academic background and extensive work experience. He is a dedicated and driven professional who is committed to excellence in all aspects of his life.