Prof. Suresh Bisht

Assistant Professor, School of Creativity

Prof. Suresh Bisht is an artist and educator, who aims to carve his own space in the world of visual and intellectual communication. He strives to own a strong footprint in the world of creative art, which would place him in a larger mind-print space with the likes of his creativity.

Suresh has developed his artistic abilities and has synchronized his knowledge and experience into creating a beautiful, inspiring and educating ecosystem by developing a number of design & creative workshops for students aspiring and pursuing art. He has been an enthusiastic educator at Satyam Fashion Institute, J D Institute of Fashion Technology and Ansal University. He has been exhibiting his artistic skills at art camps organised to generate interest and also held exhibitions displaying his artwork. All this while, he has been a part of the creative industry in a wider way.

Academic Qualifications:
  1. Master’s in Fine Arts (Printmaking), Collegeof Art, Delhi University, New Delhi (2013)
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art Education), Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (2010)
Professional Affiliations:
  1. Assistant Professor, Sushant University
    Art Faculty, JD Institute of Fashion Technology
    Art Faculty, Programme Co-ordinator of Foundation, Satyam Fashion Institute
    Illustrator, Millennium Booksource Pvt. Ltd
    Art Teacher, Jamia Millia Islamia School
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