Suresh Prabhu

Nations are built over centuries. Similarly, institutions are built over decades. India’s role in a 21st-century world is that of immense responsibility and it is our duty to align the objectives of our institutions to the larger vision of the nation.

Rishihood University is founded on the principles of social impact and development. As an institution, our focus is on high-impact areas such as entrepreneurship, healthcare, creativity, education, and leadership.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important vehicles for India to realize its dream of a five trillion dollar economy. As technology changes the way businesses operate, the role of entrepreneurship and innovation is becoming obvious at all levels.

The School of Healthcare is filling a crucial gap by supplying talent to this growing sector. COVID-19 has shown us how now only health is wealth, but lack of public health can have such a massive influence on wealth and the economy.

Along with Make in India, we have to put an emphasis on ‘Design in India’. Intellectual priorities such as design have a much higher value proposition. India has a deep sense of art and aesthetics. The School of Creativity is merging together different creative dimensions of design, performing arts, and visual arts to make a holistic contribution to the creative fields.

Our School of Education is not only to train the next generation of educators but to explore the entire concept of education, knowledge, and wisdom. Our great ethos and culture of inquiry have to be explored and applied in a modern sense. Education is the medium to do this.

Finally, the Rashtram School of Public Leadership builds on several aspects of social and national development. The necessity to nurture public leadership is more evident than ever. In areas such as governance, politics, civil society, and the intelligentsia, we need to systematically train and mentor future leaders.

India’s spiritual wisdom provides solutions to many of the pressing problems of today such as sustainability, mental health, global peace, and harmony. As the name signifies, our objective is to inspire the students, faculty, and the community to reach ‘Rishihood’, the state of being a Rishi. Passionate and conscious individuals can create prosperous and harmonious societies.

I am delighted to support this mission as the founding Chancellor Rishihood University and I invite you to join hands towards this cause.

Suresh PrabhuChancellor
Former Cabinet MinisterRailways, Commerce, Power, Civil Aviation
DiplomatPrime Minster's Sherpa to G7 and G20
Member of ParliamentCurrently in Rajya Sabha; Formerly in Lok Sabha (1996 - 2009)
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