Rishihood’s Flagship PG Diploma in Leadership

Transform yourself to transform the world
Engage. Explore. Inspire. Lead

Programme Overview

  • Eligibility: Graduates in any stream and young professionals with at least 2 years of experience in any field
  • Programme Duration: 1 Year 
  • Programme Format: Full-time residential (In-person expert mentor sessions +  internship)
  • Specialisations: Media & Culture, Public Policy & Strategy, Politics & Government, Development & CSR
  • Learning & Living Framework: Real-world problem solving, mentor guidance, integrated projects, interaction with policymakers and parliamentarians
  • Dharmic & Integrative approach: Brings together the self, community, society, nation, and global perspective to advance ‘conscious’ development.
Applications Open | Last Date of Application 15th July 2022
To Avail Scholarship Apply Before 15th July 2022

Programme Pillars

Self Transformation

Discover your inner calling 

You will go beyond the conventional curriculum, move from theory to practice, and develop deep self-awareness to lead with conviction, confidence, and courage.

Immersive Learning

Learn by engaging with real-world problems

You will hone your leadership skills by exiting the four walls of the classroom. You will experiment with your ideas and tackle some of the most pressing challenges confronting people and the planet.

Global Outlook 

Enable change for conscious and holistic development

You will understand global problems with the foundation of Indian knowledge systems, draw from multicultural experiences, harmonise diverse perspectives, and create lasting change in an area you are passionate about.

Why PG Diploma in Leadership

Transform yourself to transform the world

A professional 9-5 job seems like a dream once you graduate from college. It provides a stable routine life, regular pay, and a promise to climb up the hierarchy. Now that all is settled, there is still something missing. A feeling that you are made for bigger things in life. A desire to make an impact. And the passion to contribute to lasting change. 

You take steps to improve yourself every day and often think about the world around you. But where do you start your journey? A courageous shift to follow your higher calling requires phenomenal transformation. And we are here to help you realise this dream. 

Rishihood’s PG Diploma in Leadership (PGDL) helps you align your inner self with the community, society, nation, and the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduate in any stream from a recognised university
  • Young professional with at least 2 years of work experience
  • Commitment to contribute to society and nation building

Duration: 11 Months | Starts: October 2022 | Ends: July 2023 | Cohort Size: 30 | Tuition: Rs.6L [Scholarships available] | Food & Hostel: Rs.1.5L


Learning Outcomes

Maximise Your Potential

Expand your inner consciousness and intellectual firepower through meditation, introspection, and guided reflection.

Prepare for success in all walks of life

Advance on a journey of personal transformation and professional development by building self awareness, intellectual capability, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

Grow as a leader and changemaker

Grow your personality by interacting with various case studies, lectures, and discussion models. Learn from veteran policymakers and gain exposure to practical elements of leadership, leaving your impact as a changemaker wherever you choose to be.


Connect the self to the world

Leadership that fills the gaps in the conventional curriculum

  • Knowing Oneself
  • Building Intellectual Capacity
  • Developing Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Honing Leadership Skills

Learn from expert mentors and live as a conscious leader

  • Samshodhana: Self Exploration, Research, Mentor Guidance
  • Samvada: Expert Discussions, Structured Debate, Peer Engagement
  • Yatra: Field Trips, Internship, Integrated Project

Grow holistically and be ready for life and the workplace

  • Jigyasa: Curiosity to delve deeper into yourself and the world
  • Chikeersha: Courage to take inspired action
  • Anand: Bliss of being centred and aligned

Chance to interact with real-life policymakers, eminent parliamentarians, diplomats and social leaders practising at the heart of the National Capital Region – Delhi.

Learning Journey Timeline

Learning Journey Timeline

Explore PDGL Courses

The course is broadly designed to cover the following topics:

  • 01

    Leadership Fundamentals from India & the West – Theory, Frameworks, Tools

  • 02

    Solving global grand challenges & leading during crisis

  • 03

    Developing leadership potential through self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-mastery

  • 04

    Art of critical enquiry – Logic and research methods

  • 05

    Statistical Thinking – data driven decision-making

  • 06

    Design Thinking Applications For Effective Leadership

  • 07

    Environment and Systems thinking

  • 08

    Leadership insights & lessons from world history

  • 09

    Public policy, Macro-Economics and Development for leaders

  • 10

    Strategic Leadership and Innovation

  • 11

    Entrepreneurship and Business Model Design

  • 12

    Understanding & Building Narratives Through Mass Media


Politics and Government
  1. Managing the Politics of policymaking
  2. Art of communication – Public Speaking & Debating
  3. Modern Indian Socio-Political History
  4. Public leaders and movements
Development and CSR
  1. Structure & Governance of Non-profits
  2. Public Leaders & Movements
  3. International trade and development
  4. Grant writing & Impact Evaluation
Public Policy and Strategy
  1. Managing Public finance
  2. Managing the Politics of policymaking
  3. Competitive Strategy
  4. International trade and development
Media and Culture
  1. Languages and literary classics of India
  2. Visual Storytelling (Digital)
  3. Art of communication – Public Speaking & Debating
  4. Public Leaders & Movements

Career Options Post PGDL

Public Policy

Media Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Development Sector Professional

Government Consulting

Political Consulting

Life on Campus


Success Stories

Cohort Size
Paid Internships
Placing Organisations
Pre-Placement Offers

Past Speakers & Mentors

Placement Sectors


  • Prasad Bhopale
  • Suprabha Sharma
  • Prof. Swathi Ram
    Guest Faculty - RSPL | Director of Sewa International
  • I was at a juncture of my life where I had an immense desire to give shape to the lessons that life had taught me. I was looking for institutions and avenues that would equip me with the necessary abilities. Rashtram School of Public Leadership was a divine intervention in my life. I had no idea about what I was enrolling into. But, there was a sense of confidence and satisfaction that was assuring. Rashtram School of Public Leadership and the PG Diploma in Public Leadership has given me what I needed rather than what I wanted. The journey has enriched me more than my expectations. The program’s design in this holistic manner is only possible when the people involved are well-versed with the way of life that Dharma drives. I can proudly say that I know the grounding my life would require going forward. I thank the program and all my gurus for that. When the root is firmly planted, the tree grows strong. Rashtram School of Public Leadership and the accelerator program firmly lays the foundation. It is through our Viveka that we need to take it forward. I consider myself fortunate to be part of this journey of understanding the self, the Rashtra and the Dharma. I am thankful to the institution for allowing me to know and listen to some of the best thought leaders in the land. I have relished every moment of my stay at the institution. Rashtram School of Public Leadership will always remain a particular place; It has given meaning to my life, memories to cherish and most importantly, people who will stay with me forever.

    Dhavan Dinesh Jahagirdar
  • I joined Rashtram in 2020 when it was part of VIF organization and just about to get institutionalized. One thing that inspired me to join the leadership program was the approach in which it was taught. I was very much interested to learn Indic knowledge systems and Rashtram helped me develop that approach to look at things from Indic lens.

    Here I got introduced to public policy, which helped me develop a clarity in understanding complex global issues and curate strategies and frameworks to deal with them.

    The activities we were involved in with other learners, which includes, yajna, sankirtan, bhajans, cultural events, yatra has made me very much self aware and enthusiastic about our civilization and further inspired me to develop a life long vision to  commit for propogating Indic values across the globe.


    Sanket Kalambe
  • Being at Rashtram was a quite a fulfilling and special experience for me. A novel experiment that involves the use of education for cultural awakening was felt by me 

    every moment during my stay at Rashtram. The curriculum including pedagogical innovation that tries to bring elements of our civilizational legacy to bear on our learning is the hallmark of the institute. I enjoyed taking 3-hour long sessions providing ample time for detailed discussion on every topic of interest. The enthusiasm and exuberance of the students, the concept of the architecture, and the use of space including the utility of the cafeteria where the process of learning gets extended beyond the classrooms make the setting a special one. On the whole, it was fun being a part of Rashtram.

    Dr Akhilesh Pathak
    Assistant Professor (Sociology) | Lakshmibai College The University of Delhi.
  • Humility and intellectual integrity are the hallmarks of true scholarship. We are glad to see the students from Rishihood University fit the description accurately. We are also pleased to observe that students are driven to a larger purpose of nation-building. The effort of the University team is visible in the aptitude, attitude and work ethic of the students.


    We congratulate the Rishihood university on its endeavours. We will be looking forward to receiving more students as our partners and employees—Jai Maa Bharati ki.

    Saikrishna BVS
    CEO Pinaca Technologies
  • When I heard the name of ‘Rashtram’ for the first time, I felt as if this would be the right place to quench my thirst for ‘Bharatiya Shikshana’. Many times we witness that our imagination of the journey and the reality are totally different. Though it had some differences, from the vision of ‘Shikshana’ wish to call it ‘Nidhimoola’. It began with planting beautiful flowers. I’m sure that they’ll bloom with a higher soothing fragrance in the coming future. The man who taught with Rtachit, Sanskarabhyasa, Tarka, and Itihasa may turn either into a Muni or a Rishi. But both will serve the same purpose in two different ways. I would describe this journey as a stream of a river created by the addition of multiple lakes because many scholars have showered their knowledge on us. We promise to be aware in the Rashtra to serve a higher purpose by being a true Purohita.



Admission Process



Applicant should submit basic information and pays the application fees.



Applicants fill and submit the application form.



The application will be reviewed and applicant will be informed about the first round which is a written test.



After clearing the first round candidates will be invited for the second round, which is an interview.



Selected candidates will confirm their participation after receiving the acceptance letter.



Selected candidates have to settle the fees by the timeline mentioned in the acceptance letter.



Admissions will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis.


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