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  • Are you interested in pursing Design as a Career?

  • Are you planning to apply to a Design School?

  • Do you know the importance of a Portfolio in the application process?

  • Do you require help in curating your Portfolio?

If the answer to all the questions is a YES, then we’re here to help!

A PORTFOLIO is a collection of your BEST work, which can be in any form of art such as paintings, pottery, sculpture or anything of this sort. It gives you an opportunity to ehibit your artistic skills, experiences as well as interests. It helps an admission officer to decide if you’d be a good fit for their school.

Having your own design portfolio is essential to showcase your creativity and talent especially when applying at any design institution or alternatively with a prospective employer within the industry. Having a portfolio is a great way to increase your social media and online presence within the design areas.

Come and learn how to build a good portfolio for successful university applications. The mentorship is open to all students interested in pursuing Art and Design related courses, such as Photography, Product Design, Architecture, Fine Arts, Film, Graphic Design, Media etc.

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This workshop is designed to teach students the fundamental layout, design and construction methods require to present a personal creative portfolio with a professional standard, thus equips students with the skills and confidence to present their portfolio of creative work.

This workshop is offered to support students in grade 12 or applying for further education in design universities and creative industries. This workshop is suitable for students, working professionals and those with a keen interest in design.


  • It will provide participants with the skills to examine ideas, visualize solutions and stimulate conversation about the importance of the designed environment.
  • Participants will get a flavor for the types of tools, techniques and assignments utilized in studio-based instructions.
  • Students will have an opportunity to practice traditional hand skills, gain exposure to digital tools and learn how material and lighting selection influences design solutions.
  • One-on-one guidance and metoring to the students to help them come up with the most creative and yet personalised portfolio.

Mentored and Steered by

Prof Manika Walia

Prof Manika Walia

Prof Mike Knowles

Prof Mike Knowles

Professor Emeritus

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