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From the desk of Vice Chancellor

I am very excited about the Ph.D program designed by Rishihood University. Research is the cornerstone of any institution that pursues academic excellence. Rishihood was born with the purpose to create social and public impact. Consequently, we intend to create a research environment that enables this goal to be achieved. This is very unlike research pursued in academia today where research is primarily driven by grant opportunities and faculty interests. Can we bring coherence to all research pursuits at Rishihood and focus towards the single goal of improving people’s lives and solving the global grand challenges? This is our aspiration and the Ph.D program has been designed accordingly.

This is easier said than done. We need to build the appropriate environment to foster this attitude of free thinking and problem solving, develop a multi disciplinary approach, collaborate with the best minds and institutions globally, support scholars with the appropriate resources and most importantly stay ethical and set a benchmark. Rishihood is committed to this.

We came up with the following vision for the research cell of Rishihood university: “A nation where social impact is guided by academic research and vice versa”. We invite you to be a part of this lofty vision and partner with us to make it happen.

- Shri Shobhit Mathur

From the desk of Dean Research

- Kirti Dutta

One of our key priorities is to work tirelessly to push the boundaries of knowledge and to address the most pressing challenges of our times. The desired output is to elevate all the stakeholders, create a positive impact on the society and influence public policy. As the founding Dean Research, am really privileged and tremendously excited to shape the research culture at the campus. It is a pleasure to welcome you to align your research initiatives with ours to produce exemplary research and to address the most pressing challenges of our time.

Global grand challenges, such as climate change, economic prosperity, inequality, healthcare, food security, education, wellness and wellbeing, sustainability etc, are complex and multifaceted problems that require a concerted effort from researchers and practitioners across multiple disciplines. Research plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by providing evidence-based solutions and informing policy decisions. As the Dean of Research, I am committed to fostering an environment that encourages and supports innovative thinking, cutting-edge research, and knowledge creation.

Thank you for your interest in our research endeavours. We look forward to producing/ sharing highest quality research with you that is meaningfully relevant and impactful for human kind.

Research and Development Cell at Rishihood University

Expanding frontiers of knowledge to guide social impact

The research cell at Rishihood University was established in 2022 to facilitates the research agenda of the university. It caters to all the research needs of Rishihood faculty, researchers and learners and encourages them to conduct cutting edge research for transforming society and creating a difference.






A nation where social impact is guided by academic research and vice versa.


Expand frontiers of knowledge to guide social impact.

  • Create a research environment that establishes Rishihood as a leader in impact-oriented research.
  • Inculcate a passion for research within the university that is multidisciplinary and impact oriented.
  • Facilitate research collaboration with relevant research institutions globally.
  • Coordinate among researchers from different schools to promote interdisciplinary research.
  • Create and provide opportunities to researchers in their quest for quality research.
  • Serve as a nodal center for ideation and conceptualization of research topics/themes.
  • Ensure the integrity and ethical practices in research activities.
  • Provide research assistance to all faculty and scholars wherever needed
  • Build a research environment through regular interactions with faculty and researchers.
  • Conduct seminars/workshops/talks and activities as required to meet the objectives.
  • Assist faculty and researchers in seeking funding from various funding agencies.
  • Facilitate access to and publication of research.
  • Manage the ethics committee.
  • Develop and run the PhD program.
  • Centralize the archival of all research publications.
  • Archive records of various grants received.

We to adopt a three pronged strategy in alignment with the Rishihood mission to create the required research environment as follows:

a). Vyakti – People – We build the research capacity of each individual to attain their maximum potential.  This includes faculty, scholars and learners. To achieve this goal we do the following:

1. Provide trainings to build a research mindset and capability

2. Create an appraisal system that incentivizes research in alignment with the university mission

3. Facilitate career growth for high achievers

4. Strive to provide the right infrastructural and financial support

 b). Vichar – Thought –  Our research areas will be motivated by the global grand challenges of our times and the ones the global community can foresee. We will publish and promote our research to contribute to the knowledge base to address these challenges. We will not work in silos but rather actively seek and provide collaboration. We would bring researchers from various streams together for intellection to solve these challenges. 

 c). Vyavastha – Systems – We understand that impact at scale is achieved by institutionalizing our thought in systems. We will institutionalize our knowledge in systems and institutions that govern this nation.  We will actively ensure that our research outcomes reach various stakeholders that need them i.e. development activists, community leaders, policy makers, think tanks, research institutions, etc. Our research in turn will be motivated by the issues and challenges these stakeholders face. We will participate in forums where such interactions are facilitated.  

Ethical Review Board


Prof. (Dr.) Pawan K. Dhar

Professor, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Members Institutional Ethical Review Board for Rishihood University (IERB - RU)

Ms. Swathi Ram

NGO representative

Surya Prakash B S

Legal expert

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Internal)

Social Scientist

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra (Internal)


Dr. Kanishka Sharma (Internal)

Assistant Professor, Cognition and Learning Lab, School of Education

Dr. Sakshi Vermani (Internal)

Assistant Professor, School of Education

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