Rishihood University International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ventures

Aim and Scope of the Journal

With its roots in Rishihood’s ethos of creating a social impact, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ventures proposes to be dedicated towards publishing entrepreneurial thinking so as to motivate learning and transformation to create jobs and livelihood. It proposes to equip readers with the ideas and learnings that can help them manage their entrepreneurial venture confidently and smartly. The journal will be multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, pluri-disciplinary and will be open to both conceptual and empirical research work so that it can influence cross-functional practices in the area of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need answers to various dilemmas they face in day to day decisions and the journal will debate and publish thinking related to business models, strategy, innovation, technology, etc.


The call for “Make in India” and the increased penetration of the internet has fuelled the entrepreneurial climate of the country. The journey of an entrepreneur is very challenging and the current journal is targeted towards providing knowledge to support the start-ups so that they can take confident decisions and escalate their growth. The journal is therefore targeted towards Entrepreneurs, Strategists, Consultants, Business managers, Brand managers etc. The journal proposes to be a leading journal in the area of entrepreneurial studies and decision making both nationally and internationally with a high impact factor.

Here are the five qualities the journal will look at while evaluating the articles:

1. Practical Knowledge: The knowledge that the article has to share should be relevant for budding and established entrepreneurs.

2. Supporting Evidence: The main idea of the content proposed to be shared should be backed with evidence (primary and/or secondary) so as to generate confidence in the readers.

3. Solving Challenges: Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges daily. The article should have learnings that help them face these challenges better.

4. Motivational: The article can be motivational either through the main content or by providing a solution that can be applied practically.

5. Readability: The thoughts and ideas should be presented in an easy-to-read manner so that readers can understand the same easily.

Manuscript Submission

The journal proposes to provide a platform for publications that are theoretical and practical with application orientation. Entrepreneurial research can therefore be in the area of technology and innovation that impacts environment and sustainability and leads to creation of jobs and livelihood. Papers can also come from functional domains like marketing, human resource, finance etc. The rationale is to come out with learnings that impact holistic development of entrepreneurial ventures.

Editorial Board

Sahil Aggarwal

CEO, Rishihood University, Sonipat, Haryana.

Advisory Board Members

Kamlesh Misra

Ph.D.; Former Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University

Shobhit Mathur

Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University

Ravi Ramamurti

Ph.D; University Distinguished Professor, International Business and Strategy; Director, Center for Emerging Markets

Dr. Umashankar Venkatesh

Professor of Marketing & Director PGPM Great Lakes Institute of Management

Haragopal Parsa

Barron Hilton Chair Professor & Director, International Business Major Daniels College of Business University of Denver

Editorial Board Members

Bart Norre

Associate Professor School of Management Fribourg University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

Bharath M. Josiam

Ph.D.; Professor - Hospitality & Tourism Management College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism, University of North Texas

Ravi Jain

Professor, Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Terjani Goyal

Professor & Director, FMS IRM

Editorial Team

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti Dutta

Dean Research, Dean, School of Entrepreneurship, Rishihood University

Editorial Co-ordinator and Editorial Office

Manjit Singh

Manager - Admissions & Marketing, Rishihood University

Dr. Rama Nand Malviya

University Librarian, Rishihood University

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