Ph.D Admissions Start: 20th October, 2023 | Last date for filling the form: 15th November, 2023 | Announcement of shortlisted candidates: 8th December, 2023 | Entrance exam and Interview: 22nd December, 2023 | Declaration of results: 5th January, 2024 | Reporting of Ph.D Cohort and start of Academic Session: 22nd January, 2024

Ph.D Program

Research – The Rishihood Way

Why should you pursue a Ph.D Program from Rishihood University?

1: Comprehensive funding

Rishihood offers competitive funding packages, including stipends, scholarships, and research grants to ensure students can focus on their research without financial burdens. The funding is based on the grant that sponsors the research project.

2: Research facilities and resources

Rishihood provides access to state-of-the-art research facilities, equipment, and resources, such as libraries, databases, and software tools, to enable students to conduct high-quality research.

3: Supportive research environment

We foster a collaborative, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating research environment where students can thrive and develop their skills.

4. Interdisciplinary opportunities

We encourage collaboration between different schools and promote interdisciplinary research projects to allow students to explore and expand their research interests.

5. Strong professional development support

Rishihood offers a range of resources and opportunities for students to develop their professional skills, such as workshops, networking events, and career counseling services.

6: Flexibility in program structure

We provide a flexible program structure that allows students to tailor their course of study to their interests and needs, including options for part-time study, remote learning, and interdisciplinary coursework.

7: High-quality supervision

We ensure that each student receives regular, personalized guidance and mentorship from their supervisors throughout their PhD journey.

8: Opportunities for teaching and mentoring

We offer teaching assistantships, guest lecturing, and mentoring opportunities to help students develop teaching and leadership skills.

9: Collaboration and exchange programs

We encourage global collaboration through research partnerships, joint projects, and exchange programs, which can provide students with a broader perspective and valuable networking opportunities.

10: Active wellwisher network

Rishihood maintains a strong network that supports current students and connects them with potential mentors, collaborators, and future employers.

Areas of Research


Our research fosters a culture of creativity that generates innovative solutions to global challenges. We deploy design and creativity to develop new ideas, solve problems, and identify barriers to creativity to empower individuals and communities. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of problem-solvers capable of creating sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

Research Themes: Creative Economy, Design for India, Creativity in Education, Sustainable Design





Our research enables educators to address emerging education challenges, leveraging neuroscience and cognition studies to solve delve into the functioning of the mind and improve learning. We recognize the value of traditional knowledge systems in enhancing human capability. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to develop evidence-based teaching and problem-solving methods, grounded in both scientific research and traditional knowledge.

Research Themes: Cognitive Dimensions of Leadership, Early Childhood Development, Education Leadership, Psychological and Spiritual Wellbeing


Our research aims to empower entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions for global challenges. We leverage emerging tech and interdisciplinary approaches to develop sustainable and scalable ventures that positively impact society. Our insights into successful entrepreneurship, including leadership, culture, and ecosystems, aim to overcome barriers and inspire a new generation of problem-solvers to create a better future.

Research Themes: Locally Empowered Economies, Family Businesses, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Holistic Frameworks for Business Management



Our research aims to develop an indigenous understanding of public leadership to address global challenges. Leadership plays a critical role in solving complex societal problems. Our research will identify barriers and strategies to nurture leadership skills at all levels of society. It aims to provide systemic insights on improving the collective will of the society to solve problems, and the capacity of the system to deliver its intended objectives.

Research Themes: Indigenous Governance and Administration, Local Self Governance, Nurturing Leadership in Society


  • Sanskrit, Philosophy, Indic Knowledge Systems
  • Sustainability, Water, Systems Thinking
  • Integral Humanism

Scholars with a passion to create an impact through research are welcome to apply. All full time Ph.D scholar will receive a stipend of  Rs. 50,000 per month + stay and food in the campus hostel. The scholar works with our faculty and teaching assistant and conduct and classes/ tutorial for undergraduate/Postgraduate learners.  The eligibility guidelines and the registration form are given below.

Admissions open for Ph.D Program for the coming academic year:

  • Ph.D Admissions start: 20th October, 2023
  • Last date for filling the form: 15th November, 2023
  • Announcement of shortlisted candidates: 8th December, 2023
  • Entrance exam and Interview: 22nd December, 2023
  • Declaration of results: 5th January, 2024
  • Reporting of Ph.D Cohort and start of Academic Session: 22nd January, 2024

Application Fee: A scholar can make more than one application and there is no application fee for applying for the program.

Course Fee: The fee will be charged each semester as per University rules/ norms applicable from time to time. For the Batch starting in 2023, the scholars will have to pay a one-time fee of Rs. 15,000 towards registration (which is refundable) and a semester fee of Rs. 15,000 per semester.

Stipend and Perks: The on-campus Ph.D students will be given a stipend of Rs. 50,000, hostel accommodation (twin-sharing basis), and food at the mess. They will work as teaching associates and research associates at the university.

Check List while Submitting Ph.D Form

Application form filled in all respects:

  • Annexure 1: SOP
  • Annexure 2: Synopsis of Proposed Research
  • Annexure 3: Research publication details
  • Annexure 4: Professional experience details

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