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It is well-accepted that academic research has contributed enormously to find solutions to many problems faced by our society and industries. There have been multiple instances when industries have turned to academics for finding solutions to vital issues. The need for sharing knowledge between research institutions and industry has become increasingly evident. The emerging importance of interdisciplinary fields has given rise to institutional collaborations that allow knowledge to be pooled together.

Thus, it is pertinent to develop an inbuilt research mechanism in our higher education system. The system needs to commit itself to both research and teaching excellence. In view of this, Rishihood University has established the All India Researcher’s Home on its campus. The University is actively exploring funding sources for this initiative to support academicians and researchers from across the world to contribute to the research agenda of the University.

Focus Areas

The focus areas of research at Rishihood University will be in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, creative areas such as design, arts, music, dance, Allied health, health management, education management and areas on education leadership, and curriculum development. However, applicants can apply to conduct research in any area which will be evaluated by the review committee. International scholars who are working on research areas that focus on India, its culture, heritage and philosophy or areas that promote understanding of India will be given special preference.

Research Funding

Rishihood University is mobilizing funding for research fellowships and some of the research areas if they fall under University’s priority research will receive either partial funding or even full funding for their research work. However, all participants will receive fellowships to cover boarding, lodging, office space, and other research facilities on the campus.


To apply for the researcher’s home, please send your research abstract along with the intended period of stay at the researcher’s home to

The applications are on a rolling basis open throughout the year.

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