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How Does 1% Tribe Empower Your Journey?

Our Mission & Makers

OnePercentTribe is dedicated to making high school years the most fruitful for growth. Led by a team of passionate educators and mentors, we’re here to guide you from confusion to clarity with confidence.

Suresh Prabhu

Rajya Sabha MP & Former Union Minister

Sahil Aggarwal

CEO, Rishihood University

Prof. Shobhit Mathur

Co-Founder and Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University

Soumya Aggarwal

COO, Rishihood University

Ravi Swaminathan

IIM Ahmedabad
Ex: Former MD, AMD India

Dr. Lalit B. Singhal

Former Development Commissioner SEZs, Govt. of India, Addl. DGFT, G.O.I, DG | ED | SG of EPCES,SEPC,AEPC respectively

Prof. Ravinder Pal Singh

Co-Founder, School of Entrepreneurship

Siddharth Maheshwari

Co-Founder, Newton School of Technology
Our Mission & Makers

1% Tribe isn’t just another online community. We’re a launchpad for the next generation of changemakers. Here, Personality, Perspective, and Purpose collide in a transformative journey designed to propel you into the top 1% of Indian high school students. Our learning approach is designed in a way which will help you develop your personality, build your perspectives and help you define your purpose. Led by a passionate team of educators and mentors, we’ll guide you from confusion to clarity, from potential to power.

This isn’t just a community, it’s a lifelong transformational journey. Join us, and you’ll leave equipped with the skills, confidence, and connections to impact the world.

Founding Squad

These rockstar students help us build an awesome community.
By High school students, for High school students.

Enabled by 3 Pillars

Curated Knowledge

“Tailored content to fuel your intellectual and emotional growth.”

Empowering Mentorship

“Guidance from those who’ve walked the path.”

Collective Growth

“A network of peers driven by the quest for excellence.”

Community Pillars

1% Tribe fuels your transformation through three powerful pillars, designed to cultivate your Personality, Perspective, Purpose.

Curated Knowledge

Tailored content specifically chosen to ignite your passions and fuel your intellectual and emotional growth.

Interactive activities and action-based projects that encourage you to explore your interests and express yourself with confidence.

Empowering Mentorship

Guidance from experienced mentors who have walked the path you’re on, offering valuable mentorship and support.

GuidanceMentor-guided community discussions where you can learn from diverse perspectives and engage in thought-provoking meaningful conversations.

Collective Growth

A network of like-minded peers who share your aspirations and drive to excel meaningful conversations.

Exclusive in-person retreats, city-wise meetups and workshops to connect, collaborate, and build lifelong friendships and lead to unforgettable experiences.

Together, these pillars create a dynamic learning environment that empowers you to reach your full potential. Explore, experiment, and connect with the 1% Tribe community to become the best version of yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1% Tribe?

The 1% Tribe is an exclusive online WhatsApp community that bridges the gap between traditional school education and the real-world challenges by helping students develop their personality, building perspectives and defining purpose. We curate high-quality content, offer mentorship, and create opportunities to foster  growth among high school students.

Why should I join the 1% Tribe?

Joining the 1% Tribe gives you access to a curated selection of educational content, opportunities for personal growth, mentorship from experienced individuals, and a network of like-minded peers. It’s designed to help you navigate the information overload and focus on what truly matters for your personality development which ultimately enhances your perspectives and helps you in defining your purpose.

Who can join the 1% Tribe?

The community is open to high school students aged 14-18 who are aspirational, intellectually curious, seek personal growth, and prefer meaningful content over mainstream media. We welcome students from various cities and educational boards.

What makes the 1% Tribe different from other online communities?

Our USP lies in the unique blend of curated content specifically designed for the aspirational and intellectual needs of high school students and community of like-minded students across the country, setting us apart from mainstream educational narratives. We offer a holistic approach to growth, focusing on three major dimensions: personality, perspective and purpose.

What kind of content and opportunities can I expect in the community?

Members enjoy access to exclusive workshops, courses, mentorship opportunities, action-based projects, meaningful and directed conversations and roles within the community, and chances to become school ambassadors. We also offer certificates recognizing participation and contributions, along with unique opportunities like residential programs and free tickets to educational events.

Is there a membership fee to join the 1% Tribe?

Joining the 1% Tribe is completely free. We are committed to providing a platform for growth, learning, and community without any cost to our members. Our goal is to make high-quality resources and opportunities accessible to all eligible high school students.

How is the community moderated to ensure it remains a safe and productive environment?

The 1% Tribe is moderated by a dedicated team that ensures discussions remain respectful, productive, and aligned with our community values. We have guidelines in place to engage students in a positive environment and encourage constructive and meaningful interaction.

Can I contribute content or ideas to the 1% Tribe?

Absolutely! We encourage members to contribute content, share ideas, and take on roles that help in enriching the community experience. Your active participation is what makes our community thrive.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For any further inquiries, please reach out to us via the contact form on our webpage. Our team is always ready to assist and provide you with the information you need.

About Us

Rishihood University, India’s pioneer in impact-driven education, is dedicated to cultivating leaders who make a positive difference in the world. Founded by a distinguished group of academic scholars, industry veterans, social changemakers, and spiritual leaders, we offer a unique learning experience that blends the best of Indian wisdom with global perspectives and future-focused thinking.

Our flagship initiative, the 1% Tribe, is a vibrant community designed to empower high school students to reach their full potential. By focusing on personality development, perspective building, and purpose discovery, we aim to transform students into confident, compassionate, and impactful leaders.

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