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A 3 year hybrid program

For the curious, the bold and the dreamers

Re-imagining Leadership

Traditionally, leadership is seen as a matter of authority and hierarchy, with top positions viewed as the hallmark of effective leaders. However, leadership is slowly being redefined as a dynamic, accessible influence and not just a title. In today’s world, leadership is tied to social responsibility, inclusivity, and addressing global challenges. It involves inspiring others to join and contribute to a shared vision, cultivating a culture of co-creation rather than mere followership.

From an Indian philosophical standpoint, true leadership starts with self-leadership, encompassing self-awareness, alignment with broader goals, and finding personal purpose. This inside-out approach significantly boosts one’s capacity to lead effectively and make a meaningful impact.

Everyone has latent leadership qualities that can be nurtured and personal styles can be discovered.

Introducing the Rishihood Leadership Lab

Imagine a space with all the necessary tools and ingredients, where with little intervention by mentors, the child can learn to experiment, ignite a spirit of exploration, and create real life simulations to expand their comfort zones, challenge their perspectives, and develop a growth mindset. At the lab, leadership becomes more than a concept—it’s an action, shaped through trials, teamwork, and tangible experiences.

The Rishihood Leadership Lab is more than an investment in your child’s education; it’s a commitment to their future, equipping them with the skills to lead, innovate, and make a positive impact on their communities and beyond. Join us in shaping the resilient, empathetic, and forward-thinking leaders our world needs.

Inside the Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab is a highly adaptable,  activity based curriculum totaling 180 hours, designed to unfold over a three-year period. Rooted in the foundational pillars of

It empowers participants to grow as leaders within themselves and their communities. These 3 pillars are a reinforcing combination where one leads to the other and creates a wholesome being.

What RLL brings to the table!

A Unique Mentorship Network

Experience matters, but so does youthful energy and creativity. Our mentors are seasoned experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, combined with a fresh perspective and an enthusiastic approach to guiding the next generation of leaders.

Innovative Pedagogy and Design

Our pedagogy is centered around real-life applications and experiential learning. We believe in providing experiences before explanations, with context always preceding content. The curriculum is designed with a balanced mix of 50% practical activities, 30% theory, and 20% reflection, creating a holistic learning experience that resonates with students.

Lifelong Community

From day one, students become part of the One Percent Tribe—a vibrant, lifelong community dedicated to mutual growth and support. This network offers ongoing opportunities for collaborative projects, peer learning, and professional development, ensuring that the learning continues long after the curriculum ends.

Learner-Centric Design

We believe that learners should have a say in their educational journey. Leadership Lab empowers students to co-create their learning spaces, fostering a sense of ownership and autonomy. This student-centric approach leads to a more engaging and meaningful learning experience.

Systemic Impact

Leadership Lab has the potential to transform not only individual students but also the broader culture of your school. Our approach creates a ripple effect, inspiring systemic change and fostering a community that values leadership, collaboration, and innovation.

Inside-Out Leadership

We focus on developing leaders from the inside out, emphasizing personal growth, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. This approach ensures that our graduates are not only effective leaders but also compassionate and responsible members of their communities.

How is the leadership lab structured?

Level 1
The Story of Self
Grade 8

It empowers participants to grow as leaders within themselves and their communities. These 3 pillars are a reinforcing combination where one leads to the other and creates a wholesome being.

Level 2
Social Connect
Grade 9

It empowers participants to grow as leaders within themselves and their communities. These 3 pillars are a reinforcing combination where one leads to the other and creates a wholesome being.

Level 3
Service for Transformation
Grade 11

It empowers participants to grow as leaders within themselves and their communities. These 3 pillars are a reinforcing combination where one leads to the other and creates a wholesome being.

Dynamic Mentors

Mentors are the heart of Rishihood Leadership Lab’s success. Each school is assigned three mentors, one for each grade, who are part of our experienced and dynamic mentor community. These mentors are experts in creating engaging classroom environments and are skilled at connecting with high school students.

Key Outcomes to Anticipate for Students

Enhanced personality profile for resume-building

Elevated self-confidence and improved teamwork skills

Capacity to create a meaningful social impact

Greater adaptability and flexibility in uncertain or new situations

Deeper understanding of diverse contexts

Stronger action-oriented mindset and curiosity.

Evidence of Success

  • I have mentored a bunch of sharp, keen adolescents in understanding themselves. Rishihood’s Leadership curriculum is proactive, meets the need of the current generation, allowing open dialog, reflection and learning in ways that are fun and provide safety to these young minds.

    Mentor for Rishihood Leadership Lab
  • Rishihoods Leadership Lab has been a great journey for our students so far. There are many students who are already doing well wrt to leadership skills but with this program, they have unfolded their new capacities which were not known to them earlier. The topics of this program are well curated keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of the current generation. This program will help students in all walks of life and inspire them to become more productive and active citizens of the country.

    Faculty, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai
  • It was not only highly interactive but also incredibly fruitful. When reflecting on the entire curriculum thus far, each module has been both knowledgeable and informative, tailored for young individuals like us who aspire to contribute productively to both our personal growth and the betterment of our country. Leadership Lab is meticulously designed to help us mature in various aspects of life, from our interactions with others and our lifestyle choices to honing our communication skills, cultivating a sense of humor, and effectively engaging with people. It has played a pivotal role in shaping our character and overall personality.

    Grade 12th Student, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai
  • I appreciated the amount of attention that was paid to every detail of the course. Every activity, project and discussion was unique and one of a kind. Usually courses do not have so much thought and idea put into them and just require a lot of reading and written or oral exams. This course was especially engaging because I also got to listen to the opinions of others.

    Shomili Basu
    Grade 9th Student, Lodha World School
  • The one good thing about this course was that this course was not theory based like other courses, and more of activity based. And another good thing was that we ourselves did the work and the teacher only have us a direction to think, which somehow unlocked my potential to think.

    Aarnav Dayavaan
    Grade 9th Student, Lodha World School
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