Rishihood Collaborates with Muni International School

Education is arguably the most important factor for a society’s development, and particularly primary education. To build a robust education system, stakeholders from all levels of the system must join hands to bring in positive change and innovation in the way education is delivered. Rishihood University has collaborated with Muni International School, a chain of budget schools spread across India that is doing innovative experiments in pedagogy and curriculum.

With this partnership, the School of Education at Rishihood University will work closely with the academicians at the Muni International School to study teaching methodologies and learning styles. We will provide teacher training modules and curricular inputs to K2 sector based on the research with Muni International School and other innovative models in education.

If you represent a K12 school following innovative practices, feel free to reach out to us at ceo.office@rishihood.edu.in and we would love to collaborate.