Rishihood University- Innovating Education

The nature of educational institutions is rather very dynamic. Like everything else in this fast-changing world, educational institutions have also changed a lot not only in terms of the curriculum but also in terms of delivery of education. Among various private universities in Delhi NCR, Rishihood University stands out for being an impact-oriented initiative aimed at redefining higher education in India. The learning ecosystem and infrastructure – everything has been designed keeping this in mind. 

It’s necessary to emphasise what makes universities different from just their infrastructure, it can be how they take risks and experiment with a different approach. Universities should aim to prepare students in a way that they realize their full potential. This means not only their intellectual growth but also emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Students, when they graduate from the institution, should feel confident about themselves instead of feeling incomplete or confused. This confidence comes from a strong foundation, good faculty mentorship and extra-curricular activities that create a holistic environment for learning.

Holistic education involves a comprehensive approach to teaching wherein teachers address the emotional, social, ethical and academic aspects of students in an integrated way. The university is developing a spiritually grounded pedagogy where everyone is motivated to look inwards for their queries and are fully aware of their abilities as individuals. Doing this is aspirational because, for a long time, India’s education system has worked towards producing a workforce. But the university is determined to challenge the conventional and create a niche for new-age education that aspires to develop more humane and understanding leaders for future generations. Among many private universities in Delhi NCR, Rishihood opens doors to innumerable possibilities for the students. The university believes in a multi-disciplinary approach. 

On the note of innovation, they recently appointed Prof. Ravinder Pal Singh as its Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, the first such appointment for any university in South Asia. The university played an active role in organizing the Tech4Heritage Hackathon that aimed at restoring the fading murals and rich heritage of the 2000-year old Buddhist Caves at Ajanta. The initiative attracted attention from the industry and academia and was also appreciated by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The solutions found by the winning team of the Hackathon have been preserved at the Arctic World Archives, Norway and a dedicated team is working towards the restoration of the murals. The university also houses the Centre for Water for sustainable development in water conservation. A Centre for Disability Management is also under development for better management of the well-being of persons with disabilities. 

One of the best examples of innovation at Rishihood University is that it has a Gap Year Programme for students who have passed the 12th board exams but are not sure about their interests and passions. This unique programme helps students explore themselves and decide the career option that best suits them. Most students see a drastic difference in the category of courses provided by colleges and as to what they’ve studied in school. Private or public universities showcase a bifurcation of subjects like biology or physics. That brings in a matter of confusion for some students. 

In today’s world, Gap Year is prevalent but its importance is understood only by a few. For parents, it’s a matter of concern and for students, it becomes stress. Rishihood University brings acceptance to it and this 9-month course is a blend of activities and programmes targeted towards multidimensional academic learning. Youngsters gain a holistic experience through interactions with industry specialists, unique workshops, personality development, networking opportunities, value education and much more.

It’s about a curricular approach that integrates different subjects into a meaningful whole rather than boxed knowledge in a particular area. A multi-disciplinary approach helps students gain wholesome knowledge not only in their domain but in related domains as well. 

This university also houses an Incubation and Venture Funding Centre built to meet the funding demands of the start-ups by students. Many of today’s most successful businesses had their beginnings as college start-ups. Funding is central to the survival and sustenance of any organization. Seed funding at the Rishihood University Incubation Center provides capital for the startups of students. 

It’s characteristics like belief, support, acceptance and encouragement that holistic development includes. It’s essential that private universities in Delhi NCR also adopt these qualities if they haven’t. It’s essential that what the university believes is exactly what the faculty that is hired understands and agrees with as well. A professor is essential to the process of innovating education.

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