‘Sākṣātkāra- Heal Thyself’ | Nitasha Sharma | Rishihood University

Sākṣātkāra was organised at Rishihood University by the Centre for Human Sciences on 10th May 2022. It was exquisitely curated to bring out the importance of pressing the pause button in favour of knowing ourselves better. It gently introduces some concepts and ideas using the science of psychology and discipline of yoga. Psychology is the study of the mind and Yoga provides a road map to give our mind the best possible form. Through this hour and a half long session, we gain an insight into some practical ideas from both these fields. Ideas, which can work hand-in-hand in our quest to raise our awareness of who we truly are. 

About The Speaker: Nitasha Sharma Nitasha is an accomplished trainer, consultant, certified lifestyle specialist, psychologist, singer, songwriter and a yoga teacher. After completing her Post Graduation with specialisation in Clinical Psychology, she has been associated with individuals and teams in India and abroad, facilitating their growth and promoting meaningful and holistic living. She has an experience spanning almost 2 decades in the field of Behavioural Sciences. She stands firmly on the foundation of a broad experience and an intensive academic training. She is a staunch believer of the pure potentiality that every individual is predisposed to and aims to help people realise & utilise this potential by employing tools from the field of Yoga, Psychology and Music.

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