Merit Based - At the time of Admission

Based on the percentage secured in the qualifying exam:

Due to the delay in examinations during the pandemic, we are providing scholarship decisions based on Class 10th results (and pre-final exams for PG). The scholarship structure is below.

93% and above in 12th of CBSE or equivalent examination100%
Between 88% to 92.99% in 12th of CBSE or equivalent examination50%
Between 80% to 87.99% in 12th of CBSE or equivalent examination25%
80% in UG degree100%
75% in UG degree50%
70% in UG degree25%
80-9090-95196 -210650-700320-32550%
70-79.9980-89.9180 – 195600-649315-31925%

Open Financial Aid

The university also has a limited provision for open financial aid up to a maximum of 25% that is available to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, who are not eligible for the merit-based scholarships but demonstrate a financial need.

Bilateral Scholarships

Students from the following countries can contact their respective Embassies in India to apply for special bilateral scholarships:

1. Afghanistan
2. Vietnam

Things you should know:

  • All scholarships/Financial Aid/Fee Concessions are on the tuition fee only.
  • Students are required to apply along with the required documents and will be awarded based on the verification of information provided & approval of the scholarship committee of Rishihood University.
  • Haryana domicile students are eligible for fee concessions as per the government regulations.
  • For the continuation of scholarship during the program, students should maintain a clean discipline & attendance record with an AGPA of 3 for the continuation of merit-based scholarships and AGPA of 2.5 for need-based financial aid.

Contact For Scholarship

Phone : 1800 120 6631
Email :

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for Scholarship?

Students can apply for scholarship while filling up the form for admission. You may need to share the required documents as prescribed.

Is the Scholarship valid thoughtout the programme or only for a particular year?

Scholarships are provided at the time of admission for that particular year. But, they can be extended for the entire duration of the programme if the student maintains the prescribed merit and attendance criteria throughout the duration of the programme.

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