School of Creativity becomes a member of World Design Organisation

The School of Creativity is now a distinguished member of the World Design Organisation (WDO). Together with its over 170 member institutions from over 40 nations, WDO promotes the profession of industrial design for a better environment and society. We are proud to announce our association with the global design community.

WDO has United Nations Special Consultative Status. From 12 founding professional design associations in 1957, WDO has grown to include over 170 member organizations from more than 40 nations, engaging them in collaborative efforts and providing them with the opportunity to be heard internationally.

This unique association will open up newer avenues for students and faculty members to explore the diversity of the global design community while upgrading themselves to the demands worldwide. Students, especially, will benefit from the association as they get to learn about the global happenings in the world of design besides understanding the ethos and heritage of India’s rich culture. This will give students an upper-hand advantage in diversifying their skills and abilities as future designers. The association with WDO will also help in developing and innovating the curriculum & pedagogy to match future demands in design education.

WDO is a champion in using Industrial Design, Product Design & Communication Design in improving lives across the globe. It embraces and promotes sustainable consumption and production, striving to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Like Rishihood University’s multidisciplinary approach to education, WDO too fosters a spirit of open collaboration across multiple disciplines to advance common interests and facilitate innovative design-led solutions. This further leads to a very human-centric, inclusive and welcoming environment where make information is easily accessible and can be shared across multiple communications channels. Above all, WDO’s concept of pursuing creative and entrepreneurial ideas that have the potential to change the world is what makes it a true ally in Rishihood’s vision to create a long-term and sustainable impact.

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