Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

The vision for the School of Creativity is deeply rooted in the core value-centred approach and the importance of mindset.

When we design and create with values at the centre, we all have different outcomes. It becomes important for the agency of an individual network and also from the perspective of getting the right values to create a world that we all benefit from.

 At School of Creativity, vision is simple and clear –

Education should be student-driven and more student-centred. Students should be clear as what they’re learning and why they’re learning. They should be empowered to ask – what do they want to do to bring a change?

The second crucial thing is to make students learn and acquire skills of the future. They have to have the core skills that allow them to find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creativity is the word which has become very popular in the past few decades and is recognized as the most essential future skill set required in every aspect of life.

The third important thing is network and employability. How do we get students involved in the conversations that are most important? How do we get them in the rooms where those decisions are being made? How do we make our students stand apart from the rest of the community? How will our graduating students be a successful human being?

The new future of an Artificial Intelligence empowered society is already taking shape. As always, a hierarchy is emerging in a three-tier format –

1)The Pinnacle of the Triangle which will be the Creatives and visionaries who value their innate and developed curiosity for all new things possible. They will be the Masters of a Robot Workforce, who will feed them new knowledge, new creations, adding to the big data that Robots need to progress.

AI will ensure that knowledge comes thick and fast, that it is deep and powerful, well researched and that it serves the purpose of the people.

2)The Robots

3)Finally, a potential SubCulture, those in the service of the Robots and the Masters.

However great Creatives are confirmed in Empathy and therein lies the potential power for good, the power to develop positive opportunities and share them with those having different needs.

School of Creativity, practising a new concept of education delivery is the hub of innovation, is interdisciplinary which brings every element of the creative ecosystem in one place. Standing strongly on this vision – imparting a high level of skills and knowledge to its students and thus turning them into successful individuals.

Prof Manika Walia

Prof Manika Walia


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