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Today the world is getting engulfed in social and economic changes at a pace never known to humankind before. It has become more than important to continue making efforts to evolve our education system and design our curriculum to meet the challenges of this dynamic society. There is a pressing need for strong educators, who introduce and develop innovative pedagogies in the educational set up today, to produce creative and strong leaders of the future. At the same time, we also need knowledgeable and skilled psychologists to understand the human mind, our behavior and the way we interact with the environment we live, learn and work in. Psychology enriches our understanding of human behavior in a much better way through deep knowledge of subjects like social interaction, language, communication, motivation, emotions, critical thinking, stress management and decision making. These processes are often essential to have a better and complete vision of the other disciplines.

The mentors at School of Education at Rishihood University endeavours to provide quality education to meet the global challenges of school education and to prepare educators as an influencers and as instruments of social change, to achieve high ideals of social justice and democratic society. The significant features of the School of Education are its extensive courses in education and psychology, organized workshops and training programmes for students to update their knowledge and skills.

Prof. (Dr.) Reva Raina

Prof. (Dr.) Reva Raina

Dean, School of Education

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