Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Swami Vivekananda believed that education is the manifestation of perfection that already exists in human beings. It means that every human being is equipped with the potential to succeed in life and contribute significantly to the growth and development of society and the world as a whole. The only thing they need is a platform that helps them recognize their strengths, take decisions and hone their skills, which eventually would shape their personality and prepare them for the life ahead. Rishihood University is one such platform that has been created to help people evolve and fulfil their dreams.

The world around us is rapidly evolving. With this in mind, the programmes we have designed would help in keeping pace with the fast-changing scenario. The quality programmes so designed would enhance the subject area knowledge and specific expertise among students with a focus on their personal transformation. It is our commitment to provide and facilitate a truly exciting and stimulating life-long learning environment and experiential education to our students, create enough space to bring in creativity and innovation and at the same time focus on developing research skills, life skills, entrepreneurship, management and leadership qualities. The curriculum comprises of a combination of core courses, ability enhancement courses, a range of general electives, discipline-specific courses, regular internships, field visits and research/projects. It has been ensured that the courses are inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary.

We create opportunities for students so that they all take on the responsibility of fully engaging in the learning process and invest all efforts to be critical and creative thinkers and leaders. We have a very strong team comprising of knowledgeable and experienced in-house faculty members, national and international visiting faculty and adjunct faculty to help us in this mission.

Focusing on the all-round development of our students, training them for life ahead and keeping them aware about latest trends, requirements and happenings in the world outside, we would be launching some exciting activities, such as leadership learning events, international collaborations, community engagements, rural immersion activities, international immersion initiatives etc. 

The world is changing and becoming a global village in which people from all nationalities, races, cultures and religions are coming together to form one coherent community for mutual benefits. In this situation, change in educational systems is inevitable and therefore the meaning and purpose of education are changing across the world. It has become extremely important to collaborate with other institutions, organizations, societies, nations etc to cater to the varied needs of such global citizens.

The School of Education, RU endeavours to collaborate with educational institutions across the globe to identify common issues and strategize ways to address them. The most important objective is to transact our curriculum with global perspectives and provide our students with all such opportunities to help them evolve into global citizens who are knowledgeable and skilled, are professional in their approach, are thinkers and researchers, have leadership qualities and above all, are good human beings, sensitive to mankind and environment as a whole and are able to contribute for human welfare. 

We also endeavour to make our students enjoy the experiences, both inside classroom, at the campus and outside the campus. 

I look forward to working with new generation educationists, researchers, thinkers and leaders. Come and join us to make this world a peaceful, progressive and wonderful place to live in.

Dr Reva Raina

Dr Reva Raina

Dean, School of Education

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