School of Education

Today the world is getting engulfed in social and economic changes at a pace never known before to mankind. However, it’s unfortunate and thought-provoking that our education system has not evolved at the same pace. There is a pressing need for strong educators, who introduce and develop innovative pedagogies in the educational set up today, in order to create creative and strong leaders of the future.

Rishihood School of Education endeavors to provide quality education to meet the global challenges of school education and to prepare teachers as instruments of social change, in order to achieve high ideals of social justice and democratic society. The significant features of the School of Education are its extensive education courses, organized workshops and in-service training programmes for school teachers to update their knowledge and skills.

Degree Programs

Under-Graduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts
  • BA Elementary Education
  • BA Education
  • BA Psychology
  • BA – B.Ed (4 year integrated program)

Post-Graduate Programs

MA in Early Childhood Education

MA in Early Childhood Education Program at Rishihood University,  prepares early education professionals who are committed to the well-being of young children and knowledgeable about Birth-Grade 2 education. Our degree programs focus on issues pertaining to curriculum, teaching, and learning perspective. Our students are prepared to engage in the real world, learning how to skillfully address critical issues in early education through pedagogical, political, psychological, and sociological perspectives. Our students will focus on the role early education plays in producing happy, healthy and successful children. During the program, the students will have the opportunity to research and develop areas of expertise within this field. The program supports students in developing their knowledge and understanding of issues and practice in early childhood education. By bringing together coursework and fieldwork, graduates will be well-prepared to begin and continue to develop their professional identity and practice in research-informed ways.

The aim of this program is to: 

Develop students’ critical understanding of how research, theory, policy and practice intersect within the context of early childhood education in general and within professional and cultural contexts.

Promote critical reflection and evaluation of learning, pedagogy and curriculum in early childhood education in relation to global contexts and within the local contexts of students’ needs and interests;

Career Options:

The MA Early Childhood Education opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates from the program have been successful in pursuing careers in a variety of contexts with roles including teaching in Early Years, Nursery School Manager, Children’s Centre Manager, and Creative Early Years Specialist, and many more.

MA in Education Leadership

This is a two-year full-time program which emphasizes the knowledge and skill base required to meet the opportunities and challenges of school administration. The courses are designed to develop educational leadership competency and skills in organizational administration, curriculum development, instructional leadership, personnel, finance, applications of technology, school-community relations, data analysis, legal and regulatory issues, and program evaluation. An internship in educational administration is required in the final year of the program. 

The field of school education is dynamic, and it requires bold leadership to continue to advance. With an ever-changing landscape and the introduction of the New Education Policy, the demands for innovation and positive change are now more required than ever before. This Degree program in educational leadership will allow our students to solve big problems and transform lives. This program will equip the students with the distinct skills that one needs to emerge as a true leader, including an understanding of contemporary concerns, evaluation practices, diversity in education, legal aspects of school operation and more.

The program provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills enabling them to function as outstanding leaders who are committed to reform and continuous improvement of education as successful practitioners and scholars, capable of leading and transforming a wide variety of educating organization.

MA in Special Education

The MA in Special Education is a two-year full-time program and prepares students to address the learning and socio-emotional needs of children and adolescents with learning and intellectual disabilities, severe emotional and behaviour disorders, and other disabilities. This program prepares students to work at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Faculty teaching in this program is committed to promoting practices that facilitate inclusion, empowerment, and self-determination of individuals with disabilities and other special needs at home, school, and community settings.

This program attracts students from a variety of backgrounds like special education, general education, psychology, audiology, physical therapy, nutrition, public health, and administration. School of Education at Rishihood University is flexible enough to accommodate the professional interests and careers of its students. 

Students who complete this program will be prepared to serve as leaders in a variety of settings including independent schools, special schools, hospital schools, government and private educational agencies, and international organizations.