Shaping Rishihood’s Future with Edupreneur Ajay Gupta

Shaping Rishihood’s Future with Edupreneur Ajay Gupta

Every educational institution holds a unique vision and mission for its success. While the drivers of the organization continue to work hard every day, there is always a person who keeps them motivated and helps them see the bigger picture. 

Mr. Ajay Gupta, an edupreneur, philanthropist and co-founder of Rishihood University, enthralled the students and faculty with his hour-long enlightening conversation about the future of Rishihood. He has started several ventures providing quality education across the country, and his vision for Rishihood fills everyone with hope and inspiration. His parameters and ideas to shape the university’s future are unique and tied to the organization’s ethos. 

Today, when some people talk about their university’s future, they think about technology, digital learning or placements. These are important, but true learning & progress lies in the following parameters, rightly put by Gupta Ji: 

Achieve Rishihood 

The vision of Rishihood University focuses on providing learning which helps students build their careers and contribute to society. It stems from the thought that our nation’s leaders have always been Rishis, and when you are a Rishi, you become a blessing to humankind. So, it’s important that we learn and imbibe Rishihood and let it grow on us as the organization progresses. 

Focus on Big Goals 

More often than not, people tend to crib about minor issues and focus all their energy on them. But Mr. Gupta realizes the importance of focusing on the bigger picture and urges everyone to do the same. Cribbing about issues never brings any movement but puts us at a standstill. 

Contribute to Each Stage

Ajay Gupta Ji informs everyone how each phase of an organization changes the parameter of success for them. While some people may think that a particular stage doesn’t require all of their focus as their expertise may not lie there, it’s the continuous effort from every individual helping the organization complete the stage successfully. At the moment, Rishihood’s focus is admissions, and if everyone at the university works towards it, they could contribute to making history. 

Every small step by each individual can make a big difference in Rishihood’s success. Minor contributions like updating your LinkedIn workplace, following all social media channels for Rishihood and sharing your motivating/memorable stories and broadcasting any new updates help the university succeed. 

Ajay Gupta ji encourages students to be a part of the #EachOneFindOne campaign and find one person interested in joining the university. Your efforts here would involve talking to your connections and relatives about the vision of Rishihood and finding that one quality student. 

So, take a chance, and contribute to helping shape Rishihood’s future. 

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