Siddhidatri: Yogini Anandamayi Ma

On the ninth day of Navratri, we invoke Devi Siddhidatri, who bestows all siddhis upon her devotees. The Devi’s blissful figure deeply resembles a yogini – Sri Anandamayi Ma – who was known for her supernatural abilities of precognition

By Sreejit Datta, Assistant Professor, Director of Civilisational Studies Practice & Resident Mentor at Rashtram.

The meditative discipline of yoga is known to elevate one’s senses to a supernatural level, enabling the yogi to perceive and understand more than it is humanly possible. This state is the state of siddhi, and the incarnation of the goddess who is invoked to be blessed with siddhi is the Devi Siddhidhatri, worshipped on the ninth day of Navaratri. The Devi’s blissful figure deeply resembles a yogini who embodies siddhi in the human form – Sri Anandamayi Ma – a female saint from Bengal who was well-renowned for her supernatural abilities of precognition, faith-healing, and other miraculous powers. Anandamayi Ma spoke to her disciples of the supreme wisdom and inspired people coming from all walks of mortal life to perform sadhana to attain the knowledge of the Self. Her teachings were devoid of spiritual arguments or metaphysical language. Her refusal to give formal initiations was based on her conviction that all paths lead to eternal joy and the supreme state of bliss, no stringency exists regarding one particular way of spiritual discipline. Anandamayi Ma exuded the beauty, blissfulness, and benevolence of the Devi Siddhidhatri and her valuable teachings continue to illuminate the path to siddhi.

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