Simply – Creativity

‘The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is clear read simple/ uncomplicated, your whole body will be full of light’ (Ancient Philosopher)

This is the driving motivation for Rishihood University’s School of Creativity.

 As we enter into a world of highly developed technical assistance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is our goal to enable as many young people around the world, regardless of creed, colour or ‘cash’, to be fully equipped to fully benefit from the advantages. 

 The rocket fuel of future development is Creativity

We are born naturally Creative. AI is developed by Creative humans and relies on information, big data discovered and donated by others. It is not, in itself, Creative. The education system set up at the time of the First Industrial Revolution was aimed at engineering the masses to feed the progress of systems established by those who ruled i.e., soldiers to drive Imperial aspirations, factory workers and mine workers to fuel the economy and power stations. The privileged became lawyers, doctors, economists, engineers, politicians. The very privileged were given scope to develop our understanding of the universe and our place therein.

 The education system fed to the majority dumbed down their Creativity. Now we have AI soldiering, mining, mass manufacture et al which will not need much in the way of human input with its comparably limited ability. Even many of the privileged positions will be managed by AI.  

As we enter into a period of financial uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic many governments around the world have already started to put Creative Education on the back burner. Bad news. This is not so with us. We intend to deliver quality and accredited Creative education to a vast number of young people. We have developed workshops and programs, driven by experience that is augmented by leading universities that deliver Creative education. 

We are exploring avenues of delivery.

We have attracted the support of eminent thinkers.     

We have applied our thinking practically with positive results. 

 This is not the promotion of AI as a powerful giant which will direct and dominate the development of the human race. Rather AI is quite simply another tool in our toolbox, albeit rather special.

 We intend to help our students to recover their natural Creativity, their most valuable asset.

Prof. Mike Knowles
Professor Emeritus, School of Creativity

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