Smart Cities

Everyone is talking about Smart Cities. Very exciting, but what really are Smart Cities?

It’s important to us at Rishihood School of Creativity to be up to speed, in fact, cutting edge on this subject because a great design school needs to be relevant. All our students will have Smart Cities in their sight. Whether studying Interior Design or Interior Architecture, or Fashion Design and Textiles, Product Design or Visual Communication our students steer their creative ideas towards our future way of living. Smart Cities will need Smart Textiles, Smart Products, Smart Architecture and Interior Design. The world of Visual Communication is buzzing with new Smart Technology that will help create the most exciting Visual Experiences. 

One day soon we will walk into our studios, hit the top of the desk and a screen will almost magically appear. It will be a 3D screen and allow you to create wonderful graphics in 3D mode. How cool is that! And once your works are complete then a push of a button will send your creation off for 3D printing or even holographic representation 

Technology is advancing on a daily basis and a responsible design school will always stay updated with the advances. Sophisticated 3D printing, Laser Printing and Computerised Copy machines are used where applicable, but full-on handcrafting in the form of Metal Work, Carpentry and Ceramics are taught both in a modern context, but more importantly in a traditional context. As the world progresses so must we but tradition, the old skills, must never be put aside. That said a new wave of thinking is developing, that of linking low tech manufacturing to high tech manufacturing. 

At Rishihood University we have labelled it H<> and are working with eminent professors from the worlds leading design institutes to encourage understanding of the subject.

For instance, did you know that there are robots being developed that can weave buildings! But the magic is that the program’s being written start on basic hand weaving looms. Equally huge 3D printers that use basic mithai and rice husk in constructing a beautiful and eco-friendly structure. It’s all very exciting. When referring to AI and Robots we don’t talk about scary technology aimed at ruling the world but rather than Aladdin’s genie, eager to please with the power to make magic happen.

At RU we love meeting young people seeking out their futures in the Creative Industries. Come and tell us your creative dreams and we will help make them realities.

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