Sonipat City Branding
For the love of it

City Branding is an impact-research initiative at Rishihood. We engage with public leaders, businesses, institutions, and local landmarks to create and celebrate the brand of Sonipat.

City branding promotes the economic, political, and cultural values in the cities, focusing on the quality of place,  history,  lifestyle, the standard of living, and culture as assets in cities. Our initiative combines research and action to find out best practices for city branding. We are developing Sonipat as a model so that we can then work with like-minded initiatives in other cities.

Go Vocal For Local

Stakeholders in City Branding:

We invite stakeholders to join hands in this initiative. Important stakeholders are

  1. Government officials
  2. Business Leaders
  3. Institutions
  4. Places of Interests
  5. Social and Community Organizations
  6. Media

How do we do it?

Some of the activities under city branding are:

  1. Wall Arts
  2. Swatch Bharath Abhiyan
  3. Tree Plantation
  4. Signages and hoardings
  5. Print Media
  6. MICE
  7. Photography Contests
  8. Art and culture events


  1. Less traffic as compared to other NCR
  2. Lesser pollution
  3. More green spaces
  4. Easy commute
  5. Close proximity to Delhi
  6. Upcoming Metro and Helipad
  7. Old age companionship clubs
  8. Extracurricular activities and learnings
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