The Golden City

Sonipat name is derived from the word Sonpat which means in the Sanskrit language the suvarna prastha (gold place). One popular tradition avers that it is one of the five patas or prasthas (Indraprastha, Panipat, Talpat, Bhaghpat and Sonipat) mentioned in the Mahabharata which Yudhishthira demanded from Duryodhana. Another tradition ascribes its foundation to Raja Soni, thirteenth descent from Arjuna, a brother of Yudhishthira.

The Education City

The modern city of Sonipat has emerged as one of the most important educational ecosystems of India and South Asia. Now being called the ‘education city’, Sonipat hosts several public and private institutions including universities, affiliated colleges, K12 schools, research facilities, and centers of excellence. This thriving ecosystem is headed towards becoming an eminent fountainhead for knowledge and innovation.

To its advantage, Sonipat is located in close proximity to Delhi. It is merging into the metropolitan area of Delhi and has excellent connectivity to the rest of the world through road, rail, and air. Being located in Sonipat is a great advantage to our students and faculty who wish to take their ideas to the outside world and engage with the global community.

The Campus and the City

A social-impact university is one which is connected to the community. We work with the surrounding city and its people through our projects on local action and social development, through the continuous learning opportunities that our faculty offers for reskilling and upskilling, and therefore we intend to become a knowledge hub which the community feels its own.

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