Sports, Culture and Wellness

Sports, Culture and Wellness at Rishihood

Sports & Athletics

Rishihood is finesse for sports enthusiasts.

Physical fitness is a key component of life on the campus and thus there is a heavy emphasis on sports and athletics. As a student, you will have access to a wide range of sports facilities such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the University’s teams and participate in inter-college or inter-university competitions. The University has a well-established and equipped sports complex with a swimming pool and other indoor sports facilities.

Health & Wellness

Rishihood is a family that cares.

Rishihood provides a safe and healthy environment so that we can focus on learning and innovation. Health and wellness are given utmost priority and to ensure that a 24×7 infirmary with a facility of doctor-on-call for 24×7 is available on the campus for the students. There are qualified staff members with proper first aid training who are there to ensure first aid treatment at the earliest and shifting to a hospital if and when necessary. 

Arts & Culture

Rishihood is about being joyfully creative.

Art and culture are a part of the life of a student at Rishihood. Photography, painting, music, dance, theatre, and other areas of performing and creative art are encouraged on the campus. The University plans to have its own band both for Western Music and for Indian Music and the selection for this will be based on auditions that will be conducted. Exhibitions depicting the Art and Culture of India will be a regular feature of campus life. Creativity is our culture!!

“Outside of your studies, there’s a whole world of new friends and exciting activities to immerse yourself in, at Rishihood University. From joining a society, or taking up a new sport or stepping up to represent Sports at the National level, there’s a lot to keep you busy.”

Clubs & Societies

Rishihood is more than just academics.

Freedom of expression is the driving force behind the formation of student clubs and societies. There are a number of such student organizations such as debating society, theatre & creative communication club, western music society, social impact society, local impact club, photography club, and gardening club. Students are, however, free to form new clubs and societies depending on their own interests.

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