Sputnik Shares Experience With Young Leaders From India

This article was published in the SputnikNews

The source of the image is Vision India Foundation

MOSCOW, Sputnik Press Service – The Sputnik International News Agency and Radio is conducting a series of lectures as part of the SputnikPro project.

This time, young Indian professionals from various fields, who have come to Moscow in the framework of the World Governance Expedition programme organised by the Vision India Foundation, attended lectures by Director of the International Cooperation Directorate Vasily Pushkov and Deputy Director of Foreign Language News Production Tatyana Kukhareva. The event was held with support from the Sputnik hub in New Delhi.

The Indians learned about the technologies used by the multimedia news agency and discussed the main trends in the development of the media landscape in Russia and India.

After the lecture, the participants shared their impressions.

“We were given a lecture by Sputnik representatives and they gave a brief introduction of what Sputnik does. After that we had a heated and interesting discussion but the speakers handled the questions excellently. Hope that Sputnik will expand the presence in India”, – said member of the delegation Anoushka Roy.

Sputnik shares experience with young leaders from India

© SPUTNIK / VLADIMIR TREFILOVSputnik shares experience with young leaders from India

Vasily Pushkov pointed out: “Communicating with young leaders from different fields is not just an opportunity for sharing experience but also for a highly effective exchange of views, which is good for both parties. Such communication at the international level practically always turns into unparalleled experience, meeting the SputnikPro objectives. I am glad to see that the project has sparked the interest of not only Indian journalists but also other professionals – lawyers, political scientists and doctors. I hope the information from the lecture will help them in their professional endeavors while we, on our part, are just happy to see the SputnikPro project grow.”

SputnikPro is a project of the Sputnik international information agency and radio for journalists, journalism students, press officers and other media professionals aimed at sharing experience with foreign colleagues, as well as developing media communications and professional connections. During the project’s implementation in various formats, representatives of more than 80 countries took part in it. Full-time SputnikPro workshops have been held in Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Estonia, and South Ossetia.