Student Life

Discover Your Rishihood

As a student at Rishihood University, you will be intellectually challenged during your academic debates and learning. However, you will have a wide range of opportunities that will let you discover and create a student life which goes beyond your degree program. At Rishihood you will be able to design and customize your experience to your own requirements and interests such that you can grow up to be yourself with the confidence and a firm belief in the future for yourself.

We provide to you a very caring and supporting campus environment to develop socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually. The University has a broad range of options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement while providing for students’ housing, health, and safety. You can be part of a number of student organizations which you can join or even form one with a shared interest in art & culture, politics, athletics, music, dance, theatre, social service, community engagement, or social action. We want you to be bold and fearless in discovering your inner strengths and you will always find a very open culture across the campus that promotes such a growth philosophy. We hope that you will discover your Rishihood while you are a student here and cherish these memories throughout your life.

Student Clubs & Societies

Freedom of expression is the driving force behind the formation of student clubs and societies. There are a number of such student organizations such as Debating Society, Theater & Creative Communication Club, Western Music Society, Social Impact Society, Local Impact Club, Photography Club, and Gardening Club. Students are, however, free to form new clubs and societies depending on their own interests.

Sports & Athletics

Physical fitness is a key component of life on the campus and thus there is a heavy emphasis on sports and athletics. As a student, you will have access to a wide range of sports facilities such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. You can peruse your athletic dream of being a sprinter, or a long-distance runner. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the University teams and participate in inter-college or inter-university competitions.

Wellness & Self Discovery

We live in a fast-changing world and its speed tends to create stress in us. As a student, you may find academic demand to be very stressful at times. In order to ensure that we live a balanced stress-free life, the university provides avenues to students where they have opportunities to understand the importance of wellness in our lives and go through a process of self-discovery. There are ample opportunities to attend talks by health experts, spiritual leaders, philosophers. You will have the option of attending yoga classes and learn meditation techniques.

Arts & Culture

Art and culture are part of the life of a student at Rishihood. Photography, Painting, Music, Dance, Theater, and other areas of performing and creative art are encouraged on the campus. The University plans to have its own band both for Western Music and for Indian Music and the selection for this will be based on auditions that will be conducted. Exhibitions depicting the Art and Culture of India will be a regular feature of campus life.

Student Resources

Students on the campus have access to a wide range of resources to help them excel in academics and in extra-academic activities. They have access to high-speed internet, learning management system, online study resources, cafeteria, food services, and other facilities to make life more interesting.

Student Residences (Housing)

Living on campus means living among friends, being close to classes, getting access to helpful resources, and feeling connected to the University. One of the best ways to experience university life is through your residences (Housing). Many students say that their time living on campus and the friends they made there were among their most cherished university memories. We know choosing your new home can be overwhelming though, and we’re here to help!

Dining & Food Service

Our dining facilities are designed such that the students enjoy delicious and healthy meals. The dining space is not just a place to eat but also to build life-long friendships and have informal conversations with the teachers.

Health & Safety

Rishihood provides a safe and healthy environment so that we can focus on learning and innovation. The campus is secured by guards and monitored by cameras. The housekeeping ensures that the environment is healthy and clean. Health is given utmost priority and to ensure that a 24×7 infirmary with a facility of doctor-on-call is available on the campus for the students.

Living in Sonipat-NCR

The university is set in the dual setting of a metropolitan city and a relaxed town. Just an hour away is Delhi with all its amenities, historical places, shopping centres, national and international institutions. Just ten minutes away are the famous dhabas of Murthal. Across the campus is the Tau Devilal Park with vast green spaces for you to play and picnic.

For your daily shopping needs, university stores should be sufficient. If you need anything that is unavailable on campus, the city markets of Sonipat are just ten minutes away. Also available nearby are shopping malls and multiplexes for you to enjoy.