Thousands and thousands of children are born each day around the world. But what is a matter of concern is that to a great extent conceptions are but accidental. The parents are not conscious when the child was conceived. In all these cases it’s the mere conjugal enjoyment which results in conceiving a child. But the ancient Indian seers and sages held the view that the birth of a child should be the result of prayers and aspiration. The spiritual seed that develops into the form of a child belongs to the divine. What a man and woman can do is that they can pray, invoke or call a great soul to preside over the formation of the child, and eventually to ensoul the body. This is how the whole spiritual tradition of India has given us the vision of creating a conscious humanity. What has been envisioned by most spiritual leaders of this land is that the children of the future will be far more developed than the present humanity. But for this a great preparation is needed. The men and women aspiring for children must undergo a change.

What change and how is a vast topic, but based on the materials available in the ancient Indian scriptures and other resources both past and present, this workshop/course is designed for those who would like to be a part of this spiritual movement of creating a conscious humanity (supraja-janana).

This three-day long course is available in both online and offline modes. Participants will have an opportunity to understand and bring about a conscious change in the major aspects of human birthing (reproduction): conception and development of a child, role of maternity and parenting in spiritual light. They will be introduced to the concept of marriage, man and woman relationship, prenatal education – ancient and modern insights, willed conception, physical and psychological aspects of prenatal care and pregnancy, postnatal care and parenting.

Schedule for the 3-day Programme (Online+Offline)

27 to 29 December 2021
Day 1
27 Dec. 2021
  • Session 1
    Introduction to the workshop (with a focus on the true aim of life) by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
  • Session 2
    An Introduction to the Garbhadhana Sanskara- preparing yourself for parenthood by Dr. Mala Kapadia
  • Session 3
    The Psychological aspect of the prenatal education by Dr. Kalyani
  • Session 4
    Understanding Marriage and Relationships by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
Day 2
28 Dec. 2021
  • Session 5
    Preparing to be Mom and Dad (On Creating Physical environment of Harmony and Beauty) by Dr. Kalyani a
  • Session 6
    The environment within and around- father, mother and the growth of the foetus- Three Garbha Samskar
    Dr. Mala Kapadia
  • Session 7
    The Spiritual dimension of how does a child come into the world by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
  • Session 8
    Understanding the child (its IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ) by Dr. Kalyani
Day 3
29 Dec. 2021
  • Session 9
    Interacting with the child in the womb (how therapies work) by Dr. Kalyani Concluding session (sharing and feedback)
  • Session 10
    Peri Natal Care of Mother and Child by Dr. Mala Kapadia
  • Session 11
    Role of Education and its application in bringing up a child by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
  • Session 12
    Conclusion, sharing, feedback

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the true aim of life.
2. A deeper understanding of marriage and human relationship
3. Being clear about the aim of giving birth to a child.
4. Learning what to do and what not during pregnancy.
5. Understanding the physical aspect of prenatal care: exercises, diet, physical health of the mother and father-to-be, and their physical surrounding etc.
6. Learning about the psychological aspect of the prenatal part: the emotional health of the parents and their emotional and aesthetic environment.
7. Knowing about the garbhasanskar, the ancient insights into the concept of prenatal education.
8. Understanding the deeper spiritual dimension of how does a child come into the world, how to welcome the child, how to communicate with the child, how to have a greater bonding with the child etc.
9. Understanding the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Spritual Quotient (SQ) and Creative Quotient (CQ) of the child.
10. Learning stories, arts and crafts, music, sounds, rhythmic body movements, chanting of Mantras etc. which are not just helpful during pregnancy, but are immensely powerful in shaping the yet-to-born child according to the highest ideal conceivable.


*There will be group discussions, various kinds of activities, question answers and sharing sessions. The participants also will get an opportunity for personal counseling and therapy.

Resource Persons

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

Professor, Rashtram School of Public Leadership
Rishihood University

Dr. Mala Kapadia

Director, Center for Wellbeing & Wellness, Rashtram School of Public
Leadership, Rishihood University

Dr. Kalyani

Founder, Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education

Who can Participate

Newly married couples
Pregnant Women
Prenatal Educators
All others who are interested in prenatal education

For any further information regarding the programme, accommodation, or any suggestion, please contact:

Sh. Satyajeet Ojha
+91 70088 73551