Sustainability on Campus

Rishihood is finding ways to operate more sustainably through a range of practical initiatives. Currently we are on the path to develop a University-wide sustainability strategy that will help us prioritise where we can make the biggest impact.

Rishihood University’s commitment to sustainability extends to our people, our planet, prosperity, and educational purposes. Our commitments require innovation and action from each member of the community. Together we can invent and demonstrate solutions using our campus as a living laboratory for a low-carbon future and more sustainable communities.

How can you help

  • Try your best to minimize usage of lights and turn off when not required
  • Enable Power/Energy Save Modes on electronic equipment - printers, monitors and other devices with these features
  • Use the stairs if you are only going up one level or down two levels
  • Avoid taking long showers
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle to minimize waste to land fill
  • Use sustainable transport options


  • Air conditioning at Campus is designed at 26 degrees celcius with fans to reduce the energy requirements. Each degree increase in the AC temperature can save about3-5% electricity and hence saving on power consumption.
  • A wise decision today gives you a sustainable tomorrow. So has Rishihood done with choosing hollow bricks which will not increase the insulation and reduce the air conditioning load on the campus but are highly eco-friendly as well.


  • Our co-friendly campus is prepared for rainwater harvesting. 14 pits, 6 meters deep are spread over 25-acre campus, to collect rainwater for reuse.

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