Revisiting and Reinventing Constitutional Ideas on Republic Day 2022

It is anybody’s guess that the free spirit is not manifest yet in the nation. We are caged by past imprints on the Bharatiya chitti.
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Who Was Vivekananda?

Without acquiring the ability and refinement to fully appreciate the socio-cultural background of Swamiji, one cannot hope to appreciate his spiritual inclinations…which are deeply rooted in the soil and socio-cultural milieu of Bengal.
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A Note On the Faculty Development Program 2021 in Indic Knowledge Systems

The special value of Bharatiya Knowledge Systems is that, it doesn’t strike a distinction between theory and praxis. Any knowledge which is applicable is worthy of pursuit.
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Ganesh Chaturthi: The Symbolism Of Ganesha

If we can transform like Gaṇeśa, invoking the assistance of Divinity and consistently applying our ability of Viveka in all our heroic endeavours through committed and compassionate living, true transformation will happen in the world.
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A Note On Guru Parampara

Knowledge has the ability to transform both lives and the land. A Strong relationship of the Guru and Shishya is essential for Knowledge transfer to occur in a flawless manner. To make Bharatvarsha the Vishwa Guru, we must first focus on making her the land of Gurus like she was...
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