Heritage: What is it & Why it Matters

We have probably come across the word ‘heritage’ many times, be it in through textbooks or popular media. We often read about India having “rich heritage’”.  But what exactly do we mean by this? Is it the historical monuments, the yoga, spirituality, and ancient traditions, or is it the food,...
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The Ashtalakshmi Model: Pursuing a Holistic Idea of Development

Our definition of development of any society or country is largely synonymous with economic aspects, such as productivity, income levels, industrialization, and modernization. However, ‘growth’ is much more than these material elements. One can find examples of holistic development within the traditional belief systems of India.  The new virus has...
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This 8-Year-Old is Bridging Cultures with His Amarakosha Doodles

Aniruddha Pradyumna Kandadai, aged 8, studies in a French Public School. That hasn’t kept him from exploring his cultural roots.  His love for the Sanskrit language led him to make Amarakosha Doodle videos on YouTube. Now, his short explainers are published on the Carnatic Conservatory of Paris channel every Friday. These videos...
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The Economics of Happiness

Historically, social scientists have considered the pursuit of happiness as the fundamental goal of communities and citizens worldwide. In today’s global development arena, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is not the only measure of wellbeing; the ‘joy quotient’ of populations is also taken into account. It began in 1972 with the...
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Making an Impact in Industry 4.0

Gen Y and Gen Z, the two cohorts of the world population that denote today’s youngsters, are also referred to as ‘life loggers’. Technology is a part of their lifestyle and daily behaviour. From mobile devices capturing their life moments to wearable tech gadgets tracking their health statistics, digitisation has...
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