By – PrasadRaje Bhopale, Learner at Rashtram School of Public Leadership Halma – 99.99% of you might be hearing this word for the first time. When I heard it for the first time I thought it was some fancy name given by some NGO. But when I got to know...
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Guardian of the seas: Indian Navy

While the Indian Navy has successfully guarded the 7500 km long coastline, it lacks resources and technology to face the upcoming adversities especially when China is making newer inroads in the Indian Ocean.
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Chhath Puja: The Vedic Festival with Spiritual and Cultural Significance

Chhath Puja is Vedic festival of great cultural and spiritual significance celebrated in Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Nepal and their diaspora across the globe. This festival is about worshipping Sun and Goddess Chhath for bestowing life on planet earth.
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Dhanteras, Dhanvantari Day & National Ayurveda Day

Thrayodashi, known as Dhan Teras, Dhanvantari Day or Dhanya Thrayodashi. They all have different significance. Dhanteras is the day on which lord Dhanvatri appeared during Samudra Manthan with the knowledge of Ayurveda and nectar.
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Cancer: A Diseases Caused by Breakdown of Pranic Flow

Cancer is queer mix of psycho-physiological degeneration. The subtle body field of our emotional repertoire, drama & blockages is the main place where illnesses are generated due to blockages in the energy level.
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