The Idea of a Civilisational State

The Power of Discernment is Man’s true blessing. Claiming it and tapping into its reservoir is the Real Achievement of man. The ability to discern in our traditional knowledge is called Viveka. Viveka is the first step in our spiritual journey.
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In Search of the Real Guru

The auspicious day of guru-purnima is a remarkable day of spiritual force to accelerate the whole inner process of preparation for finding the true Guru and to be in constant communion with him. Herein lies the deeper significance of the celebration of guru purnima. To commemorate this day we present...
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Jagadguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya

Shankaracharya travelled in and through the land of Bharata for reestablishing the Vaidika Dharma which was in the verge of losing all its importance. His effort in unifying the Bharata by establishing various mathas and other centres has saved Bharata from losing its spiritual treasures.
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Surdas: Love, Music, Bhakti

The Poet-Seer Surdas is foremost of those Vaishnava Bhakti poets who have ennobled the lyrical tradition of the Braj Bhasha of Northern India through their musical compositions, steeped in deeply inspired devotion to Sri Krishna.
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