Temple of knowledge: our unique library

Temple of knowledge: our unique library

The library is very rightly known as the temple of knowledge. It is the center of all activities, the primary energy point of any educational institute, just like the temple is for society. Libraries provide access to information resources and offer study spaces, research assistance, and educational programming. Most importantly, libraries are a hub for the academic community, fostering collaboration and intellectual exchange among students, faculty, and staff. They are crucial in supporting the university’s educational mission and advancing knowledge.

At Rishihood University, the entire team is making unique efforts to make it the most innovative library of any higher educational institute in India. Through:

  • Digital initiatives: Digitizing collections, providing online access to journals and databases, and creating online research guides.
  • Collaborative Learning spaces: Supporting group work, project-based learning, and other active learning strategies.
  • Virtual and augmented reality: Providing immersive experiences that enhance learning and research.
  • Personalized services: Using data and analytics to provide personalized services that meet individual patrons’ unique needs and interests.
  • Maker spaces: Providing patrons access to technology and equipment for creating, designing, and prototyping.
  • Outreach and community engagement: Establishing partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and schools to provide educational programming and resources to the broader community.

While rebuilding Takshashila, we are making the library a place driven by a larger community. Currently, Sonipat is a hub of knowledge in India. A space built through the community’s contributions and a safe learning space for a larger community is the right fit. At Rishihood, we are proud to be the first institute to initiate it.

Our efforts are led by India’s best designers, ensuring that the library is not just a functional space but a visually stunning one.

If you wish to contribute to our library, you may start by donating a few books. 

– Soumya Aggarwal, COO, Rishihood University

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