The Antiquity of Indian Astronomy: Archaeoastronomical Evidence l Sh. Vedveer Arya

The lecture was based on the meaning of ‘chronology’ through readings in antiquity of Indian Astronomy and archaeoastronomical evidence, by Shri Vedveer Arya. Shri Arya’s extensive study of Sanskrit inscriptions and literature in the original texts led him to research the anomalies in the modern chronological history of ancient India. He authored the book “The chronology of Ancient India: Victim of Concoctions and Distortions”, published in 2015. His works are based on the comprehensive study of chronological content of ancient inscriptions. 

In the words of Shri Arya, “Western historians nurtured a bias towards the traditional chronology of ancient India to further their own political and academic interests and the majority of the ’eminent’ historians of independent India carried forward the same legacy, patronised by certain sections of the political establishment”. During the course of his research, Shri Arya discovered the exact epochs of various ancient Indian eras that conclusively upheld the authenticity of the Puranic chronology and exposed the fallacy of the chronology given in the modern textbooks of Indian history. “There is a serious need to rewrite the entire history of ancient India with reference to the newly discovered epochs of the ancient Indian eras,” he says. 

Shri Vedveer Arya is a civil servant and officer of the Indian Defense Accounts Service (IDAS), working as Integrated Financial Advisor in the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. He earned his master’s degree in Sanskrit from the University of Delhi.

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