The Art of Self-Discovery

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates. -Thomas Szasz

 Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a thick jungle and don’t know where to go or find your way back to humanity? Maybe you have not been in such a situation but certainly, you must have been a situation in life when you have thought what do I do now, I am so confused about where do I go from here in life.

If you have thought about it, then you are not alone. In such situations, there is a general tendency to focus on what went wrong but we seldom reflect back to understand what went wrong with us as individuals. The trick is to be able to find yourself early enough in life to make a difference for us and for those who we are connected with. In this blog, I want to touch upon some aspects of finding yourself. These are my personal views and are open to your own interpretations.

Finding yourself is more of an art rather than a science, thus it is something that can be practised and perfected over a period of time. The seeds of this art are planted fairly early in our teenage years and they continue to grow with us. The more I think of this subject the more I begin to feel and ask questions as to why most people don’t get it right. It all begins with one simple philosophy: Just be true to yourself and everything else will begin to fall in its place.

Imagine a typical day in your life and ask this question to yourself and be very honest about your answer. What did I do today and how has it impacted me and the people around me? If you are at the workplace, then ask if you have done something that makes you a better person as compared to yesterday. I meet so many people in the workplace who just kill their time not doing anything. They just wait for the month to be over and to take that salary. Remember that if you accumulate wealth without working for it, the chances are it will go as fast as it came. Some people don’t think of it this way, they feel that everyone else is a fool. They live in a utopia

created around them.

The first foundation for finding yourself is to begin to be honest with yourself and you will find all the answers to your problems at work and life in general. But we all define honesty as per our convenience. We feel that not reporting our income for tax purposes is not dishonesty or that it is a socially accepted form of dishonesty. So, our tendency is always to justify everything we do wrong as an acceptable form of dishonesty. This makes us what we are and not what we should be in the first place. Now please go ahead and ask yourself another question. Have you ever done something where your inner self told you it is wrong? You have your answer if you are going to be true to yourself. Now don’t become defensive and accept the reality about yourself. This is the beginning of the start of the process of finding yourself.

Now begin to look at life in general as keep asking questions about yourself. If you are going to be true to yourself, then all the answers will come to you and you will begin to see yourself in real light. It will be an awakening process that we all need to go through. This does not mean that you will never make mistakes. Remember that mistakes are inevitable in life but mistakes are those that you make with good intent. If your intent of the task is bad to start with then it is not a mistake, it is a planned effort of deception. This type of understanding is required if you want to find yourself. Have you ever thought of what other people around you think of you as a person? What is it that makes some people very popular and some with who no one wants to associate? Which group do you belong to? Well, we all have friends and they will like us. But remember they are supposed to like us as they share the same frequency with you. It is like two musical instruments being played in perfect harmony.

What are those evil designs from within us that don’t allow our frequencies to match with all? I have found that if you have a genuine interest in the welfare of others, you are very likely to have a matching of frequencies. After all, our life is too short and we need to learn to care for others. The world is a beautiful creation and the creator has a design for all of us to live in harmony. This is another way to begin to find our self in the context of the real world that we live in.

I do hope you will think about the issues listed and begin to find yourself sooner than later.

Happy journey of finding yourself.

Prof Kamlesh Misra

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