Our relations are built on mutual trust and honesty. These values enable us to be transparent and proactive in delivery, payments, and quality of products and services.
We request our vendors to be:
  1. Transparent: Knowing the truth is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If you are not able to perform something timely, informing us is better than hiding the information.
  2. Quality-conscious: We have a high retention rate for our vendors. This means that vendors must be quality-conscious. That enables us to share a long and fruitful relationship.
  3. Price-competitive: We do not jump vendors every now and then. We trust our vendors to be price-competitive. Delivering the best quality at the most competitive price is crucial to keep the cost of education low. High prices ultimately affect the students.

Fairness to Vendors is promoted by the following means:

  • By not soliciting quotes from a potential supplier unless we are willing to use that supplier. Provided the offer should be acceptable in quality, price, delivery terms and service. Qualifications of a supplier will be determined by Procurement Services before a quotation is requested.
  • By keeping competition open and fair.
  • By keeping prices confidential and not divulging those prices to competitors.
  • By keeping buying specification fair and clear and not including impractical or unnecessary specifications.




NH-44 (GT Road), Near Bahalgarh Chowk, Delhi NCR, Sonipat, Haryana 131021

Rishihood University maintains cordial relations with its vendors. We work in partnership to improve the learning environment and provide a high-quality support system for the students, staff, and faculty. We desire to maintain an open, competitive, and friendly atmosphere in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship. Vendors are requested to read this relationship guideline while engaging with Rishihood.

Vendor Engagement
All our vendors are a partner in our mission of ‘education for impact’. Vendors are invited to an annual general meeting so that they can understand the university better, offer new products and services, meet other partners in this journey, and grow their business.
Business Opportunities
Any qualified business can become a potential vendor for Rishihood University. We have numerous contracting and individual order opportunities available across a wide variety of products and services. To be considered a vendor for Rishihood University, you can contact us at the details provided above.
Small Business Development
Rishihood University works actively to support the University’s commitment to provide equal opportunities through contracting and individual order opportunities for small businesses. Purchasing makes every effort to ensure that the University includes the maximum practical number of small businesses in the competitive bidding process in compliance with the University’s policies and procedures.
Sustainable Purchasing
Rishihood University is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, students, and visitors and managing the University in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. We work with the Sustainable Issues Project Team to encourage the use of products that minimize adverse environmental and health effects and take into consideration costs associated with the full product life cycles.
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