What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

Many students pursue the Psychology course to understand the human mind and behaviour. It is  this curiosity which drives them towards this field. But what about the prospects? Does the program offer broad career options? The answer to this question lies in the learning received from the course itself. Psychology major teaches every student to be an analytical and creative thinker with a deep understanding of the human mind. And as you know, most industries thrive on consumer satisfaction which requires an understanding of the psyche of a particular product’s audience. Similarly, it is preferred to have someone in the organisation with a background in psychology to help you hire the right kind of people for your company. 

The psychology course goes beyond the general impression of the field that you can only pick health professions upon graduation. Once you look around at all the different careers, you’ll realise that every industry requires a little psychological understanding of humans. Here are a few career options that’ll open up your mind to a greater reality when it comes to psychology: 

– Psychology graduates can also become industry consultants since they’ve had the experience of conducting behavioural research and analysing the results to give the client a better outlook of the customer’s likes/dislikes. For instance, a consultant helps a fashion brand craft new clothing designs based on the audience’s response. 

– Another evolved field that students are taking a shine to is forensic psychology. This profile helps graduates to understand the psychological issues related to criminal behaviour, and in the future, their abilities/observations can help in the investigation process. 

– All those students who wish to help people with mental health issues can consider becoming clinical psychologists, counsellors, child psychologists, psychotherapists and more. All these fields involve one-on-one sessions with a patient to help them improve/understand their mental health. 

Human Resources Manager is another position that many psychology students take up. It’s crucial to employ the right people at the company, and it’s best to have someone on your team with a psychology background, as they can observe and identify any major personality flaws before hiring. 

– A psychology degree can also be helpful for business and entrepreneurship as you can use your people skills to figure out which product is worth investing in and progressing. 

The advertising field is all about understanding your audience’s psyche, targeting and creating ads in an appealing way for prospective customers. 

There are many other fields where a psychology degree is helpful, like technology, politics, research and more. Here’s a list of job titles that you can expect once you step into the real world: 

Industrial-organisational psychologists

Sport psychologists 

Community psychologists

Developmental psychologists 

Educational psychologists 

Evolutionary psychologists 

Environmental psychologists

Counselling psychologists 

Health psychologists

School psychologists

Social psychologists 

Rehabilitation psychologists 

Students who wish to go all the way and become a psychiatrist will need a complete MBBS and MD. You can also get a doctoral degree (PhD) in psychology by studying for three more years. Psychology is a diverse field with several opportunities waiting for you, and understanding the mind plays a big role in bringing a change in society and being a great leader.