What makes Rishihood a social-impact University?

Social impact is an important matter that focuses on bringing a significant positive change that addresses a social challenge. Creating a spiritually grounded, socially impactful educational institution was at the core of Sahil Agarwaal’s philosophy and that is exactly what led to establishing Rishihood University.

Today, as an impact-oriented initiative, Rishihood University is redefining education one step at a time. Their focus is to create a balance between impact and employability by aligning the two goals. The graduates will be ‘Rishis’ who will first awaken themselves and then contribute to society by creating an impact.

The university’s vision is not limited to imparting knowledge about social impact but also creating a social impact by starting different initiatives and tying up with different NGOs and government-led initiatives.

They’ve collaborated with Prajaahita Foundation and have developed a design clinic functioning as an advisory organisation to develop and execute new projects that will incorporate education, livelihood, and health of specially-abled people.

Prajaahita Foundation is an NGO that aspires to create a society of educated and compassionate citizens. The main objective of this foundation is to build an integrated platform to help in imparting knowledge about various aspects including the rehabilitation of a person with a disability and to encourage the youth in working towards social welfare.

The design clinic is one aspect of social impact, there’s also a centre for water & a centre for specially-abled people. The Centre for the Specially-Abled focuses on addressing the unfair opportunities and creating a level playing field for people with disabilities by providing them with improved access to common opportunities.

They’re also consulting with various NGOs for improved access to specialised education and conceptualise UG & PG programmes. These programmes will address the lack of special instructors in the field and aspire to significantly improve representation in mainstream companies.

The university is also committed to strengthening India’s representation at the Paralympics by rolling out a sportsperson in residency programme for ambitious sportspersons. As part of this programme, they plan on selecting and providing necessary funding as well as training to 10 students, every year.

The inspiration & primary promoter of this project is Mr Ajay Gupta whose determination has helped in advancing this project. He has braved many challenges after a stroke of Polio left him paralysed. He believes every person should have the opportunity to achieve personal freedom and a self-determined quality of life and thus he continues to influence everyone at RU to make an impact.

Last but not least, the Centre for Water project is being mentored by internationally acclaimed thinker, founding chancellor of RU & sustainability champion, Shri Suresh Prabhu. The director of RU understands the issue of water scarcity and believes that it needs immediate attention and action.

RU’s Centre for water is being implemented through 4 divisions, state, taluka, district and village. It involves using best practices and low-cost methods for water rejuvenation and conservation of water resources. They’re also developing an app called Nature Protector to help the cause.

More initiatives are expected to be seen in the future that will continue to create a social impact for the betterment of the community.

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