What Would New-age Education Look Like by -Soumya Aggarwal, Director, RishiEd

Education should nurture the child to meet the needs of modern complex life, training and purifying their senses. Education should fully and harmoniously develop memory, thinking, reasoning, imagination and discrimination.

New age Education is a new buzzword. From the NEP to any new school in their marketing material uses this word. When we google the term, it says that we build interactive classrooms using technology and other tools for new-age learning. The definition talks about Science, Mathematics and English taught in an excellent way.

As the history of education has shown, every form of learning is guided by how we want the learner to be. The image that we have in mind reflects the curriculum we design, the activities we plan and the thought process we imbibe in the learner. For example, the school learning that we have today is an outcome of the industrial revolution, factories and the need to train people who can do the same task with the same efficiency each day. They were building factory workers. They had that image in mind. They wanted people who could celebrate working hard and compete on the same knowledge or content outcome. And thus, the curriculum was designed to shorten the growth capacity of the learner. It restricted the entire process of grabbing information to a few books and one person. It reduced the learning time to a few hours and made it impossible for anyone to try new things. The outlook toward learning was the people’s perception of your success. This perception of people ignores the inherent values of the individual.

What should we do?

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