December 2019


Vienna Boys Choir: The Famous Musical Teens

By definition, a choir is a group of individuals who act as a team to put together a great performance with every single participant bringing their personality to the mix. We are here to regale you with the tale of a 700-year-old boys choir.  The Vienna Boys Choir is a...
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Bihu: A Striking Folk Dance of India

Here’s an expedition into the indigenous folk dance that is intricately tied to the Assamese culture in India. The dancing style of ‘Bihu’ is characterised by group performances, brisk steps, and rapid hand movements. Read on! A frenzy sets forth when the women move in snake-like movements as they slither...
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What’s the Gig Economy All About

Are you done with time-tables governing your lives? Dreaming of a job where you can work in your pajamas? Interested to pursue the career of your dreams without the hassle of rushing to work? And what if all of this was possible in the comfort of your home? Enter the...
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