School of Entrepreneurship

In the 21st century, entrepreneurship and analytics define the evolving work landscape. In a VUCA world, success comes from an entrepreneurial mindset, fueled by curiosity, courage, and adaptability.

Dean’s Message

We are in interesting times and disruption is the new normal- be it social , economics, political or technological. Employer expectations are changing and companies want to hire people who are ‘entrepreneurial’.
Additionally there is an unparalleled opportunity for funding and mentorship if you want to start your own venture as an entrepreneur.

Finally, one may choose to join and grow a family business. Whether you are a job-seeker or a job-creator, an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success. That is what we nurture at Rishihood to produce global leaders who are driven to shape the future.

Makers Undergrad - BBA

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) undergraduate program is a thrilling space for young, inquisitive minds aspiring to thrive in the business world. Beyond fundamental business principles, the curriculum encompasses venture creation, analytics, and design thinking. Moreover, students benefit from exposure to Rishihood’s interdisciplinary ecosystem, offering diverse minors and electives like psychology, healthcare, public leadership, sustainability, and more. This undergraduate major is tailored for those who embody the spirit of a bold explorer.

Faculty and Mentors

Prof. Ravinder Pal Singh

Co-Founder, School of Entrepreneurship

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti Dutta

Dean Research, Research Cell,
Dean and Professor, School of Entrepreneurship

Vasudev Murthy

Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

Dr. M. Chitra

School of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kavita Gupta

School of Entrepreneurship

Puja Singh

School of Entrepreneurship

Ritesh Dahiya

School of Entrepreneurship

Industry Board of Advisors

Shilpa Ajwani


Aditi Olemann

Myelin Foundry

Amit Mishra

ID8 Ventures

Pankaj Dubey

DSPIN Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Biju Misra

Director, Corporate Business Services/Automation CoE,
Enbridge Inc.

Ajay Surana

Co-Founder iXcelrate Pte. Ltd.,
RU Member - Industry Board of Advisors

Sanjeev Chourasia

Portfolio Leader, North America, Quantiphi
Co-Founder & Mentor of Public Incubator Inc.

Visiting Faculty

Akshay Chopra

Managing Partner, Investor

Chirag Gujarati

Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Strategy

Dr. Mridula Dwivedi

Business Research

Prof. Bart Norre

Visiting Professor, Rishihood University

Dr. Umesh Menon

Sr. International Investment and Finance Expert at UNIDO

Dr. Kavita Saxena

Faculty at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Dr. Vetri Selvi

Associate Professor, Department of Management, Mettu University

CA Sandeep Kapoor

Chartered Accountant and visiting faculty at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

CA Rajeev Puri

Chartered Accountant and visiting faculty

Muthuraman Thirunavukkarasu

Visiting faculty, Rishihood University

Dr. Ferojuddin M. A. Khan

Director at S&F Commerce Academy

Dr. Radhika Lunawat

Associate Professor
Accounting, UCI Paul Merage School of Business,
University of California

Dr. Ramakrishna Dantu

Assistant Professor,
California State University,
Sacramento College of Business Administration

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12:00 am - 11:59 pmRishihood University

Retreat on the Kenopanishad at Rishihood University

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Why BBA?

Rishihood’s BBA: Where curiosity meets innovation. Indulge into a dynamic curriculum, venture creation, analytics, and interdisciplinary exposure.

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