About Rishihood

Welcome to Rishihood University, where we believe in nurturing curious minds and empowering students to achieve their dreams.

“Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas.”

— Swami Vivekananda

What is impact at Rishihood?

We imagine a triple-layer of impact that is interconnected.


Build Leadership Capacity With a curriculum anchored on self leadership, mentorship, experience, and multidisciplinary learning.


Create Thought on Problems and Solutions through bringing the best minds together in a culture of problem – solving, disruption, and impact.


Scale by reinventing institutions, policies and systems by building an ecosystem of partners such as government, non-profits, media, corporates, and academia.

The center of our education is to nurture the next generation of ‘rishileaders’. Such leaders demonstrate three fundamental attributes:


Desire to know

  • The quest to discover knowledge
  • Humility and respect for others
  • A sense of wonder towards the creation


Will to act

  • A mindset to create and take risks without the fear of failure
  • Be fully involved in the action but remain detached from the fruits of the action
  • Pursue excellence in every action and make it an act of worship


Joy of being

  • Personal Integrity regardless of outcomes
  • Purity of body, mind, and environment
  • Internal and external peace and harmony

Learn more about the Rishihood Way in our Resolution Paper.

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Take a peek at our history

Our History

Vision India Foundation is launched at IIT Delhi
Programs, Projects, and Publications
A new university with a new vision
Concept, Campus, Curriculum
Rashtram School of Public Leadership
Inauguration and way ahead School of Public Leadership

People of Rishihood

Rishihood is founded and led by people who come from a diverse set of backgrounds including business, public life, spirituality, academia, social entrepreneurship, technology, and social work. We are here to offer a new way of learning and leading

Learning at Rishihood

To create future leaders, Rishihood provides a multi-disciplinary, multidimensional, and multimodal way of learning.

Rishihood Campus

Rishihood is desined as an energizing space that nurtures learning, holistic living, and happy being.

Our Vision for the 21st Century

Organisational Establishment

  • A new learning model created for the world
  • Rishihood team builds a culture of excellence
  • We ignite the spirit of social impact in the community

Wide Acceptance

  • Rishihood becomes synonymous with great education nationally
  • Alumni start achieving top-level success in their professions

Institution of Impact

  • We become an institutional benchmark for India
  • Our large-scale impact is visible in the society
  • Our alumni become role models for younger generation

Magnet for Excellence

  • Rishihood attracts the best people in the world to pursue their passion
  • We become a de-facto home for social impact, innovation, and learning

Global Influencer

  • We achieve global recognition and admiration
  • Rishihood becomes a fountainhead and participates in leading global discourse

Macro - Micro Impact

  • This leads to an evolution in humankind’s pursuits at large
  • Achieving ‘Rishihood’ becomes an aspiration for people and communities

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