As a university, Rishihood aspires to unlock the innate potential in every individual. Not just our students, but our team members are encouraged to expand themselves.

Rishihood University invites applications for various positions from time to time. Most of the opportunities are published via our LinkedIn page.

Current Vacancies

Non Teaching

Faculty position
Communication skills


Program Director
RishiEd, Lifelong Learning

Asst Director
Outreach – Admissions and Marketing

Academic Associate

Academic Associate
LMS Administration

Program Advisor
Admissions and Marketing

Asst Manager
Outreach – Admissions and Marketing

Outreach Executive
Admissions and Marketing

Tele callers
Admissions and Marketing

Assistant Manager
Career Advancement Cell

Working at Rishihood

Know us and the way we work!


We are a university. The core reason for our existence is to positively impact the lives of our students and society at large. The people at Rishihood are passionate to help others grow. We understand the other person and focus our energy to create opportunities for learning and evolution for everyone. As an institution and as individuals, we are here to facilitate our student’s growth.


Our faculty are encouraged to set up impactful enterprises and non-profit organizations. The faculty members do it independently or in collaboration with other faculty members and students/alumni. Faculty also engage in consulting projects, executive education programs, and industrial research to make the most use of their expertise.


Humans aspire for something higher. This is the drive behind human actions and innovation. Rishihood is a medium for our people to realize their aspirations, evolve as a person, and get consumed through self-expression. Our people do what they do because that is their natural tendency and aspiration.

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